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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    We married young (pregnancy) and now have two children. My wifes libido has dropped off dramatically over the last three years, to the point we now probably have sex twice, maybe three times a year if I'm lucky. I personally love sex and have a very high sex drive, but not getting sex at home I've found extremely difficult, masturbation being my only release.
    Just before Christmas last year a friend asked me if I'd like to take his sauna and massage day he'd booked, as he'd been told by his wife she'd booked a short break holiday. I told him I would gladly and booking half a day off work, I arrived on the day around lunch time.
    The sauna was a long one and I was relieved to plunge into the cold dip pool. When I was called into the massage room I expected to have a female masseur, but a tall middle aged guy walked in. He introduced himself as Mike and straight away I guessed from his tone of voice, he might be gay. After stripping naked and placing a towel over my buttocks, I lay on the massage bed. First Mike massaged my back, shoulders, arms, legs and then curled his fingers under the towel, after asking, began to massage my buttocks. When he asked me to turn over I told him I'd gotten an erection. I couldn't help it, his touch on my arse, plus not having had sex in a long while, no matter it was a male touching my backside, had made my cock rise.
    Mike told me he was used to it and for me not to worry, but to relax. The massage continued and unfortunately or fortunately as it turned out, so did my erection. When his hands were massaging my thighs it actually started to hurt as my cock was straining for release. The final straw if you like was the towel slipping and Mike commenting on how hard and how big my cock looked. It was obvious or so I thought at the time he wanted to touch it, so ignoring my straight sense of sexuality, I asked him if he'd make it just as relaxed as he had the rest of my body, by massaging it.
    Mike didn't need asking twice and as I'd guessed his innate sexuality took over, and my cock was soon being given an amazing hand job. It had been so long since the last time I'd had someone wanting to pleasure me, that when he bent over and took my cock into hs mouth, I just lay there and let him get on with sucking my cock.
    When my wife had sucked my cock, she'd been very good at fellatio, but Mike was/is on another level. The way he curled his around my swollen cock and how much of my eight and half inches he swallowed in one go, soon had my balls twitching. Almost ready to cum I let him know thinking he would pull away. I was wrong, Mike actually sucked on my cock harder and began to masturbate me at the same time. When my dick exploaded, it was the most unbelievably long and intense orgasm I could remember having. Every single drop was swallowed by Mike and he even lapped up the clear juices which flowed onto my balls, when he let my cock slip out of his mouth.
    A huge thank you later and a invite to a reduced priced massage the following week, I walked out of the place totally relaxed and knowing I'd let Mike suck me off again. Something he's done on many times since. The second time at the place where he works, afterwards at his flat where the cock sucking was taken up a few levels to amazingly new ways of making me cum.
    Three days ago and my reason to confess really, Mike asked me if I'd save my cum to fill his arsehole. After sucking my cock to its full straining length, I fucked my first male rear fuck hole and absolutely loved every thrust of my cock pounding Mikes arse, just as much as Mike did having me inside him, when he came all over his stomach.
    It's been a new chapter to my life and one which replaces the sex I had with my wife. I'll always be married to her, but in future my sexual needs will get met by fucking men I know want all of my eight plus inches.

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