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    Straight Male / 18

    Have shot video at school and one TV commercial. A girl came to me and ask me to video something for her. She wanted a video of her first time having sex with her boyfriend. She ask what it would cost and I had no idea what to say.
    Did she want me with hand held or set up and not be there????

    she wanted to video it going in the first time. beyond that it was my video to shoot.
    I had to promise not to copy nor share this with anyone. Hand her a SD card with the footage.

    I told her the cost of card and $30 I would do the video and edit it to look nice.

    We shot the footage last weekend.

    With good lights it seemed more of a porn shoot (I have done three of these) than her first time making love. I did the lips open and exposing her virginity and his penis entering her. After he went in she gasp and said pull it out, now photo how it looks now,
    Was a touch of blood only. She pulled him in and shot close up going in and out of her. Set on tripod and watched, shot with my other hand held some other footage.

    On Saturday night she wanted to see the product, but it was not very long. I went to her house and shot some of her in the shower and her masturbating. She ask me if I got horny shooting, hell yes, you have a hot body and watching you have sex just blows my mind. She called me over and said leave the camera running. Take your pants off and get on the bed with me. She let me have her on video three times. No condom and no pulling out, damn that was good.
    She wants that footage on the SD card now.

    I just finished the final cut and rendered to the card. I cut my self a copy of our sex. Will not show anyone, but I will keep it for my self.
    She tells me her friend wants to have the same thing done.

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