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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I was 14 when the delights of puberty caught up with me, my first orgasm leaving a stain on the bed sheets. About that time, I began to realise that I had a new curiosity about my 11-year-old sister. One night, I crept into her bedroom, and slid my hand under the bedclothes. I could feel the warmth of her body through her nightdress, and blindly explored until I found the bare skin of her thigh. Ever so softly, my fingers crept up her until I found her little pussy.
    It felt soft, and I was highly aroused. Terrified of waking her, I withdrew, and went back to my own bed to masturbate.
    Over a period, I made many more stealthy sorties into her room, each time gaining in boldness. Now I would peel back the bedclothes so that I could see, in the dim light, the fold of her pussy as I stroked it. I carefully climbed on the bed, and knelt over her, rubbing my cock... Very soon my sperm spilled onto her...
    The next night, I parted her legs and got down detween them, my penis now rubbing directly on her pussy lips. Suddenly I was aware that she was awake...
    I froze, then whispered... "it's alright, this is what you'll do when your older..."I began my rubbing again, now I felt her hand touching my penis... I kneeled up so she could see it... I guided her fingers around my foreskin, and got her to wank me....she said nothing, but gave a little cry of surprise when my sperm flew out. She licked her finger to Tate it... Then she sucked me dry!

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    My sister was 12 years older and not an option. A cousin nearly lived at our home, the little sister to my big sister. She guided me into her at 10 years old. She had sex with an older boy I knew. She and I had great fun many times.
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    teen cousin let me watch as he fucked his 10 year old sister. had been doing this for a long time. As an adult today I think back, shocked how she took him with pleasure. He was not some small cock boy, he put a lot of meat in her.

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