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    Straight Female / 43

    On our fourth date when my friend joined us. She became the target of my dates eye. Soon had the green monster of jealousy in my heart. I had to end our date early for work reasons. She ask for a ride home and he offered. I became very upset,
    Told him to do to the men's room and I would meet him there.
    Walked in and into the last stall. Gave him a blow job and ask if he could meet me after work. I wanted to fuck, so don't come worn out.
    He was excited and ask for a taste right now. Pulled off my pants and pulled up my shirt and bra. I sat on the toilet and he on the floor. He got his taste and sucked my tits. No condom as he discharged his load in me.

    I look up and see cell phone cameras hanging over the stall. I am administrator at a large hospital, now I fear this video will hit the internet. I looked up as I climaxed, did not see a camera, my eyes were closed. I pray to GOD this does not find the board. I will loose my job, its all I have.

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