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    i was at work one day when i answered a facebook post it was from my wifes cousin kinda well we txt bk n forth for about 2 hr after she had seen my reply to it to say the least i was in bed with her that same evening after work and it felt so good feeling her grab my cock and slam it in her calling out my name and telling me how good of a fuck i am we have had sex once more and it was mind blowing as well she let me do anal that time something she had never done and something the wife wont let me she got into it she grabbed a dildo out and fucked her pussy at the same time after this happened she told me she loved me and i have to say i think about her and our fun times often what should i do continue to fuck her from time to time on the side or what there is a second layer to this story if ne one wants to know that i will tell but please give me ur advice on this issue first please

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    One, if you are texting spicy shit on face boob, it doesn't go away, if your ole lady gets to your page she can find your messages.
    2. fuck her from time to time.
    3. get a throw phone to text, but be forewarned, that she is probably not deleting your messages in phone texts which will be your absolute demise if shit goes south.
    Be careful. never stop fucking your wife either.Fuck her hard and often even if you are tired.
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    Grow some balls tell ur wife
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    ignore post #2
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    done have ignored it he apparently can only have one woman cause his wife wears the pants and response number 1 i do every chance i get i fuck them both tired or not here is a twist thou i found out she has told her 19 yr old daughter and her daughter wants to fuck me now
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    How old are you?
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    32 why

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