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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I love searching for classic retro porn and regency old school porn from the 1970s. nothing turns me on more then Victorian and regency porn, I wish there was more of it on tv and the mainstream tv free to air and movies. I love Gothic/medieval vampire and werewolf sex so much with a touch of kinky. I think it is a need and not just a pleasure in society art. Today adults and youths face so much overtime and hard work many just don't have the time to make love or even have sex so porn and tv sex scenes hit the spot in a big way for me. I love seeing as many erected penises as possible next to me at the movie theaters. I guess I am a dirty perve like that but art is ment to be sensual and sex is ment to be an art.

    what is wrong with hot hetro or gay love scenes?? and more group sex... so many people love it but then why is mainstream so afraid to voice that and answer the call for mainstream viewers... soft porn is a necessity in the arousal experience of just life, tell that to most baby sitters.

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