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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 37

    This couple I live near are crazy fuckers. both have affairs on each other. she slept with his one time mate last weekend while he went back to his ex wife and this goes on every 2 to 3 weeks since January but they have been fucking on a trampoline at night since April last year and the wife didn't even know about it. the girl, she is only 18 and sleeps with the man 34 year old from across the road on a trampoline for 3 hours then goes over to her bed and they are going for it hard in her rattletrap of a bed that literally sounds like a loud alarm or telephone bell ringing to them that is the sound of forgiveness these crazy latino italians and they fuck half the night with yelling of "DONT" OR "GET OFF" inbetween moans of "aaahhhh" and he sounds like a muffled grazed old throat with a terrible disability and the way they fuck is like two retarted people banging away... the sort of fucking that would make a porn star blush the loud bangs against the wooden floor boards are incredible for 10 minutes but does not sound like anyone really cums because it gets like screaming and you for 4 or more minutes and the father and brother comes in yelling and kicks the cheating guy out on his butt with his mattress and caboodle out the back.

    the sound of forgiveness gone to horror

    are these people aware the neighbors are sick of hearing these idiots fucking for 7 hours a day loud

    please grow up and get a man of your own girl... and not covert your neighbors husband... deadly sins have a way of coming back to you girl...

    and this girl is a super fat turd-soul bitch... she has no heart and I have no idea what he sees in her because his real wife is prettier and more mature and more consistant woman. this girl is just a user and she will use him up and dump him when too many grey hairs appear too soon.

    secretly I hope he dumps them both for me!!!!

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    you mention retarded, down syndrome people have amazing sex drives. In my teens I found a girl and she was amazing in bed. Her mom knew we had sex and let it happen. She walked in on her one day, You finish and don't let me bother you. I tried to explain, she told me she knew and had seen us before outside. Just her idea of her daughter having some pleasure with a nice boy her age. Was not worried about children, she could nit have them.

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