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    Gay Male / 20

    I went to a private party hosted at a gay club. There was a drag show and the place was wall to wall with hotties and fag-hags, the women who love to be hangers on of gay men. There were a few bull dykes and a lipstick lez or two, but after a few drinks I didn't give a fuck who was there. There was a second floor with this room that had wooden stalls, and each side of the wooden stall had a glory hole. I'd been up there before and sucked a few cocks and had my cock sucked. It was wonderful not knowing who was drinking your load on the other side.

    I was plenty drunk when I got up there. I didn't feel like sucking a dick, I just wanted mine sucked, so I went into the first stall, got myself hard listening to all the moaning and groaning, and then plucked my dick through the hole. It was a while before anything happened, but eventually I heard the stall door close and lock, and readied myself.

    It wasn't long before a velvety mouth had swallowed my cock. Whoever was working it was better than anyone I'd ever had before, and I was blown away. I'd get close to cumming, and the guy on the other side would slow down, wait for it to subside, and then do it again. After a few minutes of this, it just stopped. I could feel the cold air on my wet cock, and I felt completely jipped. Then I felt the warmth of the mouth around my cock again. It felt different. Tight. Warm. Really wet. Whoever it was had my cock all the way down their throat and was sucking my cock so hard the booth was shaking. I started to get a little weirded out, but that gave way to pure ecstacy when I could feel myself pumping my load, shot after shot, down whoever the fuck it was's throat. THey emptied my balls completely, and I collapsed backwards trying to catch my breath on jelly legs.

    I heard the booth open and saw boots at the stall door, and there was a knock. I wanted to meet my amazing blow job queenie as much as he wanted to meet me. I threw open the door, and there stood a serious fucking bull dyke. She was pretty, I guess, but really butch. She came into the stall and I was fucking shocked.

    She sucked me and fucked me through a glory hole. She said she sometimes just needed dick and liked to fuck with gay men. I was so angry at first, but oh my god does pussy feel amazing. I'm not attracted to women anymore than ever, but I fuck that butchy little dyke through that hole every chance I get now.

    So fucking weird, I know.

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    Why is that so erotic to me...

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