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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    My brother screwed my slow cousin as I watched from the wardrobe.
    My 20 year old cousin was mentally slow as they called it. She and I about 10 or so played well and had fun. Her mom would send her to her room when she became frustrated wit her. I got upset because I wanted to play. I snuck in her room to play and would hide in her ward robe of someone came in. My aunt kept her close by and did not let her run off. Found out later she had strong sexual desires, would not come back. My dad said she had a no problem, no matter the question she said yes.
    my aunt is fixing dinner for the families and she and I got on her nerves. So sent her to her room, I got bored. my dad said go take a nap in the spare room. That put me where I wanted to be. When he went down stairs I snuck in her room. We plated until we heard the door at the top of the steps. She put me in her ward robe to hide.
    it was my brother (he is 16 or 17) and he comes in and locks her door. he pulls out his cock and gets her to suck it for a bit. hand down her dress and plays with her breast. he is looking toward the door and listening. Stands her up and bends her over the bed. Pulls up her dress and pulls her undies to the side. Sticks it in her and I see her face. She looks hurt and in no time smiles as he fucks her. He grabs her ass cheeks and starts ramming her hard. At that time I wanted to jump out and make him stop, but fearful he would tell mom I got up.
    I watched as he finished and put her clothes back right. Put his cock away and told her thank you. kissed her forehead and snuck out.
    She and I talked about this, she said it feels good, she likes it. when I am older she will let me do this as well. just let her know when I am ready. Will make it special for me, I ma her best cousin.

    about 30 minutes later he came back, Back in the ward robe and basically the same sex. This time I knew he was making her feel good, made me more comfortable. Years later I told him I saw this, he told me I was dreaming. he never had sex with her.

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    sorry but I have s sick mind, that's hot shit.
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    ah, not the question that arises my like a hard-on; Did you ever get to fuck her?
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    woman who worked at a burger king seemed slow. she kept walking by my table staring at me. I ask her to sit and talk. She was off work and waiting to walk home. She had an apartment close by and this job. When I ask if she had a boyfriend she acted strange, said NO. Would you like one? strange actions and YES. Who you want for a boyfriend? YOU. I drove her to the apartment and got her inside. I looked around and she was telling the truth. She lived alone and was doing ok. I got her in bed and her clothes off, I fucked her. She enjoyed it but did not seem use to this. Someone had sex with her, she was no virgin, I doubt she had a lot of sex, she did not know what to do. She just laid there looking at the wall. I helped her enjoy the sex and how to give me a nice fuck in return. I drove her home many times and got her in bed every time. She got pretty good in bed. I got transferred and lost that opportunity.

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