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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I am glad I found this site, now I know I am not by myself.

    I live with my mom and my stepdad. They are both good to me. But I have issues, I am lie horny all the time. I am not kidding. Some say it is because I am young and my body is changing and suff. I confess I watch porn and have a dirty imagination.I have gotten up in the middle of the night just to see if I can hear my step dad fucking my mom. I enjoy turning older men on online and have even otten my bestfriend's dad off and he didnt know it was me. I love being in my room so I can pich my nipples and rub my clit. I have been with only 3 bys my whole life. I have sucked more dicks that that but that dont really count lol.
    But the issue is this.. My stepdad..
    I want him in a very big way. I am afraid to because of mom. I am soo tempted but afraid to make a move, but sometimes I almost do. Last week he and I were in our pool and I wrapped my legs around him. I kinda froze realizing how that must look, so swam away quickly.(and yes I felt him against me oh yes). One day while getting ready to hang with my bffs, I decided to do a brave trick. I turned to my stepdad and said "can you see my nipples thru this shirt??"He turnes red and said" a little" I went back to my room and pinched them knowing he could see my tits. I did catch him watching porn during the day, so I know he is a pervert like me lol. I guess it is clear that I want him by now so my questions are:
    Am I normal?? Should I do somthing about my feelings??

    also to all the dads and step dads out there, Do you think about fucking your daughter or step daughter?? Tell me all about it.
    To other girls my age do you have the same wants as I do?? I want to hear all about it.

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    My step-daughter and I have been together since she was 14. Started much like you - she hit puberty and sprouted out everywhere. Suddenly, her walking through the house in nothing but her thing underwear was a problem - for me! When I tried to tell her mother I got no where - "what, you want to fuck her? or are you more afraid she might want you" she would ask with a leer.

    One summer my wife went away for a week to a conference in Boston, leaving the 2 of us alone. It didn't take long before she was snuggling up to me on the couch and asking to watch these sexy chick movies with lots of suggested sex. The second night into the week there was a thunderstorm and she jumped into bed - NAKED! - and asked me to hold her because she was scared.

    Next thing I know she's snuggled right up to me, telling me she loves me, that she's a virgin, that she wants me to be her first, her hand wrapped around my erection, her lips on my neck, mouth on mine....

    My wife died 2 years later from cancer, we sold the house and moved across the country where people see our last names and assume we're husband and wife. That was 13 years ago and we have a beautiful 3-year old son, and she's now 6-months pregnant with our second.

    Go for it.
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    I'm a step dad and I'm so terribly attracted to my step daughter. She's never let on that she's attracted to me sexually. She lets me rub her feet sometimes and I get so hard doing it. I secretly hope each time that she'll touch my dick with her foot and know that I'm aroused. I'm afraid to make the first move afraid that she won't be interested and will tell her mom. Step dtr is 21 and will be moving out soon. Sure will miss her.
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    I am a step dad and I want to fuck my step daughter. I think about her when I fucked my wife.
    Advise lat him see your pussy and or tit he will never forget it.
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    I am the same way, I think about sucking my step dads dick and what it would be like for him to fuck me, I think about him every time I rub my pussy. So you are not alone, I think alot of girls think about their step dad on ocassion.. I think about mine alot more than ocassionally.
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    My step dad jacksof with my panties, I was shocked at first but now It makes me kinda hot. I think about him all the time now. I think it is flattering that he likes me in that kinda way.
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    I have a 25yr old step daughter that I would love nothing more then to fuck. Have never made a move on her cause i'm not sure if she feels that way about me, although at times she will do something that makes me think that she does. She would only have to give the word and her and I would be lovers in a flash. Also have a sexy 19yr old daughter whose legs I would also love to get in between.
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    I have wanted my daughter since she was 14 seen her naked she seen me jacking off to her she is now 23 and knows that I want her and has knowen we have it set up to have sex in about two weeks I so want her to have a baby with me its going to be nice to have her after all this time
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    I am a step dad and would love to fuck my step daughter but cant so if you are interested in fucking a dad contact me at [email protected]@netzero.**m
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    My boyfriend and I have been together for three yrs and he has mentioned that he thinks my 14yr old daughter is hot and has watched daddy daughter porn with me and I have caught him checking her out when he thought I wasn't looking and she will get out of the shower in a towel sometimes and come into our room to get some clothes or something she forgot and sometimes when we watch movies in our bed she will come in and lay between his legs next to his dick then will leave after a few minutes I can't help but feel like I have to be worried about some sexual tension between them and if they will act on it behind my back we plan to get married soon. Do I have anything to be worried about or is it in my head? I would die if they ever did anything and I don't how to deal with this situation I'm afraid if I comfront them I might not get answer I am looking for or how to deal with it I feel badly cause I think I have started to hate my own daughter because of it and that I can't trust either of them!
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