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    Straight Female / 28

    I have had a regular boyfriend for quite some time. Recently I shifted into a hostel. I was under the impression that it would be single occupancy but turns out that there was to be another girl with me for a month. The girl was really pretty and well behaved. So I was ok with the arrangement.

    She was a researcher so she stayed in the room most of her time at her computer. Once i got back from college she would be very welcoming, getting my food, arranging my stuff. Lately she has also started giving me a back massage. It is indeed very relaxing.

    Last night something weird happened. I was dead tired and sleeping when I felt someone stroking my nipples. I opened my eyes and it was the new room mate. I also felt a hand gently caressing my vagina. It felt so good. I thought I was dreaming the whole thing up and shut my eyes. But the movements became more intense. I then realized it was for real. She licked my pussy. She got rid of my nightie and did amazing things to my body. I was completely turned on and at the same time very very confused. She then kissed me and I kissed her back. She was naked too. We clung to each other and slept peacefully through the night. In the morning, we showered together and she washed my hair, and we made out in the shower again. While getting ready I told her about my bf and she was ok with it and she was just trying to make me feel comfortable till she was there.

    Today when I got back from college. She got rid of my clothes and gave me a good body massage again. Her hands all over my naked body made me cum. I am enjoying her stay and yet I love my boyfriend.

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