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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 27 year old male but I was born with a girl figure, no brests, but a good looking ass. Anyway thats what the few guys say that know about it. In school I was teased to no end about it from about the 7th grade up. After I entered high school I wouldn't play any sports, so I wouldn't have to shower. More than a few times though I was forced into the shower room and my pants taken down to see if I had a pussy. I blacked a bunch of eyes, and loosned some teeth for the bastards through the high school years, and most learned to leave me alone. Monday where I work they hired a new guy in my department, just so happened to be one of the worst guys in school to razz me about my build. Since I've worked here I've always worn jeans two sizes bigger or loose fitting ones so my shape don't show. Thursday at lunch break he said I guess judgeing by the oversize pants you're wearing that you still have that girls build. For the rest of the day some of the others would watch me when I walked, and I saw some of them talking togather untill I came around. Today at lunch break he told them that in school he depantsed me and that I had a pussy just like a girl. The others all looked at me and grinned, I put my sandwich down, and very slowly walked over to him, and busted him straight in the mouth. Knocked out three of his front teeth, broke his jaw, and he got a big lump on the back of his head when it hit the floor. He got taken to the hosp. and I got suppended, pending a hearing on weather or not I will remain employed there. I don't feel bad about hitting the cocksucker, or loosing my job for doing it, but it was embarrassing seeing the way the other guys looked at me, some of them I have worked with for over 5 years now.

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    Way ta go dude. Serves the bastard right. There's always another job.
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    You portray a rather large figure of a man, able to take care of himself - you gotta come to terms with this "girl figure" thing - in some terms other than the physical. Sooner or later, you are gonna face "THA LAW" and that man is wa-ay too big and wa-ay too strong for you to knock down.
    Get some counselling, my large friend.
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    You lucky bastard, I would die for build like that, I have to use padding and whatnot to look like a girl, you have the look and don't want it. Life is not fair.
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    Personally I would rather be with a guy who has a build on the smaller side. I like really skinny guys who can make up for it with their dick and tongue.

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