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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I am attracted to cute men with mid length to long hair but was always in denial about it. A guy at work hooked his brother up with a job in my department and he(the brother) fits that description. Soft facial features, tanned skin, tall, slender had smooth. He has innocent-looking brown eyes too but I hid my attraction and hung out with him and his family. One day, his family went to the beach and I went over to play video games. I stayed up late and eventually threw off my clothes and slept on a bed. I tend to sleep naked and I have the body and face of a model. I felt someone kissing on my back and opened my eyes. It was him. I told him I wasn't interested and he just kept kissing on the parts of my body that I didn't cover in sheets. I covered my penis up and he slid his hands under the sheets and rubbed all over me and kept trying to gently move my hands while kissing on me. He said he'd change my mind about being interested. I rolled over to protest but he kissed my lips and kept on kissing them. I breathed heavily . He said, "mmmm you like that." I denied it and then let him guide my hands away from my penis. He then took some aloe lotion and lubed up his hands before he began to stroke my cock. He stroked me while sliding over the he'd in a circular motion. I was beginning to love it and he kissed me again. I kissed back and came close to cumming. He stopped and we kept kissing. He tried to skip his tongue in my mouth and I stopped him. He gently grazed my lips age said, "Open your mouth. You'll like this." I did and he slide his tongue in. I dropped my guard and slid my hands up and down his body. He kissed on my neck, sending me to the edge. He then kissed all over my chest, biting, licking and sucking my nipples. I almost came from it so he began kissing me until I cooled off and then worked his way down to my cock. He teased the head and I begged him to take it all in his mouth. He only took in the head and it felt amazing. He then took it all in and I nearly exploded but held my cum back. He sucked me a while and began to lick my asshole. I said I wasn't ready and he just kept licking. I got up and ran some bath water and made sure I was clean then climbed back into bed with him. I laid face down and let him rim me. He jerked me as he did it. I loved the new sensations. He told me to wait and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he had Vaseline. I said no but he rubbed my body until I relaxed and then lubed up my ass. He worked a finger in and it was uncomfortable but I started to like it. He kept adding fingers until he slipped in 4. I was in pain gut then it felt really good. He stopped and rolled me over on my back. He said he wanted to look into my eyes as he fucked me. He then slipped his cock in me in place of his fingers. It hurt although I got used to the fingers. I screamed in pain the first few thrust and it felt good as I got used to having him inside me. I was in ecstasy, growing more and more attached to him as we went. He then gripped my cock and jerked me as be fucked me. I felt pleasure all over my body and came hard shooting rope after rope of cum. It was that biggest load I have ever blown in my life. He then came inside me. We both were unable to get up so we laid there holding each other and kissing. It was a highly emotional experience and I sucked, rimmed and fucked him later on. We still see each other and have sex every chance we get. Our coworkers and families don't hand the slightest suspicion of why we hang out so much either. He grew up in a Christian home and was homeschooled as a teen so I was his first experience while He was my first gay experience. Lovin' it!!! ;)

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