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    Straight Female / 28

    My husband and I just moved to a new house recently and one weekend when my husband was gone golfing with his buddies I decided to go skinny dipping in our pool. It was dusk and our pool is pretty concealed by a tree line around the perimeter of our property so i was not worried about being seen. As I was floating around I started to get horny and went up to one of the water returns to feel the water pressure against my pussy. It felt so good and naughty to masturbate outside. I closed my eyes and was in my own fantasy land when I looked up after cumming a few minutes later and saw my neighbor staring at me from the other side of our fence. I was not sure how long he had been there but definitely long enough to see what I was doing and like it based on the noticeable bulge in his pants.

    I am not a shy girl and was really turned on by him watching me, so I got out of the pool butt naked and motioned him to come over. He is a little overweight and in his late forties, but I did not care as he needed to be helped by the problem I caused. He came over hesitantly and I pulled down his pants and had him sit down in our lounge chair. I know he was really nervous about his wife coming out but he did not complain as I gave him one hell of a blowjob and swallowed it all for him. I wonder if he will tell all the other husbands in the neighborhood about the new neighbor's hospitality lol. If my husband goes away again, I might have my mouth full.

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    The next time you sit him down and start sucking him remember that your cunt is what got you into the situation, so you should get him hard and turn around and slide your cunt down on his cock and that way you can get some more excitement and have a better way to make sure that he'll cum some more to help you out.
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    Great story.

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