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    Straight Male / 35

    Hi everyone,

    I need help. I feel so lonely all the time and i don't know what to do to cope with such sorrow. I don't have any friends and i have another problem too.

    I tend to zone out and go to my imagination dreamland. Its the only time when i feel free.

    The REAL problem though is that when i escape my boring work life it affects my thinking and focus on my work.

    Its cause i don't want to stop going to fantasyland because it is the only place where my thoughts are free and my mind wanders beautifully.

    I have a very interesting imagination. One time i was working and i imagined i was skydiving.

    I also imagine myself holding hands with a beautiful woman who ive never met before. This has happened to me many times before. I was eating alone one time at luby's when i started to imagine that i was walking with a woman who was incredibly beautiful and remarkable. She had green eyes and a beautiful smile. I have seen her in my dreams many times before but i have never met her in person.

    I forgot to mention that i am a VIRGIN and i have only had sex in my dreams. I wish to find that beautiful woman one day. I have actually had conversations with her before in my dreams and my wonderful imagination. I would love to have a girlfriend to talk with. I spend most of my time alone and sad. In my made up world.

    I hope you guys post your responses to my confession and hopefully suggest a few solutions to my problem. Bye everyone especially the ladies:)

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    Get off your video games, fantasy soaps, and TV/Movies and get into the real world. If you want a real life, then you have to go out and get it--go places where people are doing things in groups. They are there looking for social interaction just the same as you are.

    Stop sitting around dreaming about a life--get out and get one, it is the only way it will happen. Nobody can do it for you!

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