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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    It all started last weekend. I went out with my husband of 5 years (age 29) and got drunk, he was the DD. When we got to the bar my husband's nephew (age 22 And we will call him B) was there. I know B has always had a thing for me, but it never went farther than talk. My husband knew about that, but never really cared because as he says, "he knows who I'm going home with."

    Anyways that night was different. I got beyond wasted and thanks to B a little stoned. During the time we were smoking (or slaying dragons) B kissed me. I stopped him, but honestly my interest was a little peeked. He was also being a smooth talker.

    I never planned on it going any farther than that, I already felt bad as was. And then we went to Waffle house (what is drinking without a little waffle house lol). My husband took some drunk people home while B and I stayed at the Waffle House. While there B was playing with my crotch under the table. It was fun. Then I had to use the restroom and B said he had to as well.

    We walked back towards the restrooms and instead of Continuing on to the boy bathroom he came into the girls room with me and locked the door. He pushed me to the wall and kissed me like a guy had never kissed a girl before. It had been a while since I had a guy take control like that. I gave in. He spun me around and bent me over a shelf in front of a mirror and before I knew it my pants we on the floor and he was pounding me from behind. His cock was so thick, and it felt amazing. Just before he blew his load he pushed me to the floor and released his cum down my throat. I swallowed every last drop.

    Latter that night or morning my husband and I went to B's house to slay some dragons. We had our dog with us at this point, and every time the dog had to go outside my husband would take her and B would push my mouth down around his cock. It was exciting. However, I never had time to make him cum again.

    The next week I felt bad and guilty, but it was short lived.

    Last night we all went out to celebrate B's 22 birthday, and the DJ called out all birthday people to the dance floor for a birthday lap dance. My husband was okay with me dancing for B. While dancing for B in front of everyone he secretly played with my pussy it was fun knowing we could be caught. After the dance B bluntly asked me if I wanted to go fuck. As much as I would like to deny it I wanted it. I told my husband we were going to go slay some dragons. We found a dark place under the trees.

    He grabbed my head to push me to his cock, but I forced a kiss first. Then went down on him. I deep thoated him. Which was a hard to do with my small mouth, but he loved every second of it. He turned me around and I embraced the tree that hid us and again he pounded me with his massive cock from behind. In pure enjoyment into my ear he whispered, "I'm taking your ass tonight." He went for it, but with each thrust into my ass the level of my arousel increased and I just wanted more of him.

    He stopped pounding my ass and I dropped to my own knees this time and placed his cock in my mouth to take his sweet load down my mouth. He kissed me.

    I went home and fucked the shit out of my husband. He enjoyed it and so did I.

    As of now that is all I have to tell who knows maybe I'll have more to say next weekend, but for now just call me the confused.

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    you have a choice you know, you seen to enjoy what is happening. are you doing it because its something new and you need it, let me know.
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    I'm not gonna lie I've begun to enjoy the idea. I know I should stop and I probably will... eventually. I don't need the sex. My husband and I have a pretty good sex life. I guess I just have a fetish for the possibility of being caught.
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    Most women get turned on by the urgency, spontaneity and the thrill from an aggressive and assertive guy paying attention to her. Some go only so far while others go much further. Don't inform or involve your husband as he would be shocked and hurt by you passion of doing things with your lover that he wants but you never have done for him.
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    Oh trust me I've done all this for my husband. We started out as a secret. Maybe we should get out and make some new memories. ;) Also B said he totally would be into a three some with the two of us. It would be a little odd, but definitely something new. My husband was a little weirded out by it when I told him that, but I'm sure depending on who you ask he's done worse. This wouldn't be our first three some either and typically he picks the 3 person. When is it my turn to choose? Lol
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    similar story happened to me I was 24 at time and although sex with my petite big boobed 22 year old wife was pretty good, I found myself fooling around with this new girl at work, the thrill of almost getting caught while making out in the bathroom was so exciting and with time we wanted each other more and more, I got to the point of chasing her in the bathroom and pulling her pants and panties down while turning her around with her hands on the wall ass up and me tonguing her pussy from behind.
    We eventually got the chance to go hiking together one day off from work and I took her down to the river where she ripped off my clothes and starting going wild on me, pinching my nipples and gripping my cock as hard as she could. We heard some people descending to the river at a distance but we just walked a little upstream and I started pounding her pussy doggy style while standing up, I mentioned to her I was close to coming and I didn't wanna get her pregnant when I heard the most beautiful words she could of told me , in the middle of her shaking and panting she said "thats not the only place where u can come" I tooK that as a hint and I slid my dick in her ass hole and she started shaking and I started thrusting harder it was amazing! (My wife had never and still hasn't allowed me to take her ass) but this girl who I had just met a couple months ago was making my cock feel incredibly good with her big round shapely ass and her crazy ways I just couldn't hold it and I exploded inside her ass as she to came shaking her legs and almost passed out which kinda scared me but she said that was the best orgasm she'd ever had and It was my first and only time doing anal. I miss her as I moved jobs and she moved cities but I wouldn't risk my marriage like that again if it.was someone I knew I dont think
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    MAJOR UP DATE: I was caught by my husband!!!

    New Years night, after some drinking and dragons, we were over at B's house, my husband had to go to the bathroom. I started fucking around with B our reaction time was way to slow to be doing that. My husband walked in and I thought to myself, "oh fuck!"

    My husband didn't get mad, but instead told us, "don't stop on my account." He then proceeded to pull his pants down and tell me to suck his cock. I obeyed. That started a night full of being fucked by the best cock I know, but sadly I'm the only one who can't remember past that. :( I wish I remembered all of it.
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    Were you so trashed that you blacked out? Or what happened
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    Pretty much. I only remember the beginning and the end, the middle is fuzzy. My husband was sober and gave me details later.

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