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    Straight Female / 37

    I am a married female doctor and I guess I am considered attractive with long brown hair, pretty face, and a set of 36-D cupped breasts. I have a patient who is a younger guy and he actually turns me into putty whenever I see him as he is incredibly hot with a fabulous body.
    He recently came to me having a huge abscess on the inside of his upper thigh. He was in the paper robe when I came in to examine him and I kind of gasped upon seeing how huge it was, not the abscess, but his long smooth cock. God, this guy is the total package and I made sure to touch his dick a few times while looking at the growth on his leg. By the time I finished up, he had another growth between his legs and I could feel my nipples getting hard and pussy moisten enough for me to get out of there before I did something totally wrong.
    I referred him to a surgeon I knew and requested a follow up exam after he had the thing lanced. I went home that day and knowing my husband would not be home any time soon, I stripped naked and fucked myself silly with my favorite dildo. I was still horny as hell when my husband came home and I greeted him at the door on my knees and sucked his cock until he filled my mouth with a hot load. We took it to the bedroom where he licked my pussy making me cum before I got him hard again with my mouth. I was on fire and had him fuck me in the ass while working my dildo in and out of my soaking pussy. The whole time, I imagined it was my patient's big cock fucking the shit out me.
    The next day, I changed the follow up appointment with mister big cock to late in the afternoon on the Friday where my assistant was scheduled to only work half of the day and the receptionist would be leaving before while I was seeing him.
    I know what I really want to examine during his next appointment and I have things arranged to do so, I just don't know if I can actually go through with it. I also am not totally convinced he will go along with my dirty plan as he has cute girlfriend who I have seen before in the waiting room.
    The only thing that has me leaning towards doing something that could literally ruin my life and end my career if word got out and that is he did get an erection during our last exam and I have caught him staring at my chest a few times before.

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    I'm a 25/m MS3. Can I do a 2 week rotation with you?
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    DON'T DO IT. its not worth risking your career and your marriage and a lifetime of suffering for a few minutes pf pleasure
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    That guy (the patient) wouldn't blab. He'd be grateful!
    Keep us posted on the story!
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    Thanks for the comments as this past Friday was the day for me as I really had no idea just exactly what I would do. My young patient showed up with his girlfriend and the decision was easily made for me.
    As a consolation on the way home I stopped by my favorite little shop and purchased twelve inches of tan, flesh colored plastic. After a lengthy session by myself at home, I treated my husband to a dick sucking he'll never forget before having him stick my new toy between my boobs while I pinched my nipples to the point of a numbing pain. Then I demanded that he stroke himself and unload all over my chest and I licked up as much as I could reach.
    I rolled on to my hands and knees and he plowed my soaking hole with the dildo and the only thing I can really remember is after I climaxed like crazy, the sound of him taking the thing out if me was almost like a a cork popping form a champagne bottle.
    I am in my office right now counting the hours before I can go home and give myself a mind blowing solo session with my new friend.

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