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    Straight Female / 18

    Last night, for the first time in my life, I fucked an older guy. I'm graduating high school in May, and he's about 45.

    I've never fucked around with anyone more than a couple of years older than me, but I knew him through a friend. He's one of her family members, and I don't know why I'd never really given it thought before. But I'd gone to her house last night to meet her, and we were going out. Her folks were out of town late, so she was staying with him and her aunt. Nobody else was home except us. We got into talking, and he acted like it was no big deal. Started joking, and I told him that I'd never done anything like that. We'd always joked before about weird stuff, but he came right out and said I wouldn't know what it was like until I tried.

    I'd fucked three other guys. It wasn't a big deal. First one sucked. Second and third were pretty good. The third one I'd done stuff with a few times off and on. Just hanging out, FWB, and no big deal. I'm sure he was doing other stuff, but we were always using protection, and it was fun, so I didn't say much. I know I'm going to college, so not really looking for anything more.

    Last night, well yeah, he acted like it was no big deal to fuck around with someone younger, or even like half his age or more. And he's the first guy I'd ever done shit with that wanted to do it a second time. Seriously. He's also the first guy I'd ever let have sex with me without using protection. I've never done it. I'm on the pill, but nobody has ever gotten the chance to, because I wouldn't. He told me straight out he doesn't use condoms, because she's fixed, and it's all taken care of. I told him I'd never done it raw before, and he just shrugged and said that until I tried it, I wouldn't know if I liked it. I asked him if he was worried about getting me pregnant, and he just shrugged and said I'm old enough to know. We could get a morning after pill, but if I'm on BC, it shouldn't be an issue. I don't know why, but I just did it.

    First time, he went on for quite awhile. We were making out, fingering, touching, and stuff like that. And he says to me he wants to eat my young pussy. I'd never had a guy say shit like that. It was kind of weird, but I let him have at it. He went at it for like 15 minutes. Swear to jesus he made me come like three times. I figured he was done, and we'd fuck. He got on top, was going at it a bit, and asked what else I wanted to do. Stopped. I just said I dunno. I'd try something new if he wanted. So he convinced me to suck him for a few minutes. He was ready to blow, and he asked how I wanted it. I told him on me. So he shot it all over my boobs and all over my stomach. I've had guys do that, and it's kind of hot. But he's older, and bigger, and yeah, it was a lot. It made a huge ass mess.

    So we get cleaned up. We're kind of sitting there, a bit awkward, and he says thanks. It felt really good. I just said yeah, it was fun. And he asks if I wanted to do it again. I looked at him, and said like another time? Sure. I mean, you're cool, and I don't mind an FWB, as long as nobody finds out, because it might get creepy. He laughs and says "No. I mean, like right now". I just looked and said seriously? And he said yeah.

    We get into some kissing and he starts fingering me, and says since he didn't blow his load in me, he'd go down on me again. Honest to shit, I swear he ate me out for like 20 minutes. I think i came like 5 times. I was shaking so hard, I thought I was gonna die. I'm not kidding.

    Then without warning, he put his dick inside me, and it felt like it was 20 inches long. I'm not shitting. He started going slow. And then faster. I figured he wasn't going to last, and then he stops. He asks me if we'd switch it up. I got on top, something I've done before. Fun. And then he says he'll do me from behind. I thought he was talking about ass fucking. Not my thing. I said no. And he laughed and said doggie style. He's not going to stick it in my ass. He promises. And he didn't. Holy Christ his dick felt like it was as big as a truck.

    Then he rolls over, gets on top of me, and starts going at it. Slowly at first, and then he starts moving. I'm watching his face, and I knew it was gonna happen. Right in the middle of it, I said 'just pop. i'm good' - he slows down to almost a stop, and says what? I just said to him go ahead. I've never let a guy do it. So go ahead. I'll let you do it. Go ahead when you're ready, pop inside me.

    I'll be goddamned if he didn't go. It felt like he squirted for like 5 minutes inside me. Honestly it didn't stop for ever. and when he got done, he pulls out, it's dripping, and he's limp and he breathes really heavy and says holy fucking shit. Christ. And just kind of stands there breathing. It was actually kinda funny.

    I got up, and the shit was dripping everywhere. Funny thing. We get dressed. Don't really say much. And my friend comes over to the house. We're sitting there talking. She's sniffing the house. Doesn't say much. Says we should get going. Her uncle looks at me, kind of smiles, and says "have a great night girls" and goes into the other room without a sound.

    Strange enough. Never figured I'd fuck a guy his age. But holy shit was it different and better than lame asses my age.

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    I am 47 and fuck young girls from time to time and they almost always come back because older men are more experienced and at least for me getting a beautiful off is more important as getting myself off.
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    Well that is good to hear, because honestly, he was really good. And he took his time to make sure that I enjoyed it, and he didn't just get off and leave and go home. I think more girls my age like it, because guys are lame asses that are my age, and they just suck.
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    I'm 50, I love making love to young women. I know how to make them feel 'good' and can satisfy them sexually. I don't have a large penis, I guess it the experience that counts. I have had sex and made love to 22 younger women. All but two of them came back for more. The youngest one was 16 years old. She lied to me about her age. She came back after she was 18.
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    I am 58 and love younger girls. none under 18 as I am in the US. Long and slow is this only way to go. They always leave satisfied. SR
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    Well, more and more guys I am finding like it. I never knew they would, because of age, fear or whatever it is. But he told me that he would prefer to stay with someone very young, because it's more fun. I liked it because he knew what to do.
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    Great story. have you hooked up with him again?

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