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    Straight Male / 50

    im a male seventy years of age,still can get it up ,a good erecting rather,and not a bad size ,my wife however,says it doesn't turn her on,she told me this ten years ago so we stopped all sex contact,the closes thing I get to sex now is perving on her,and wanking myself off,or like some I suppose I could pay for it,that im not into,or game to do,anyhow back to my wife,shes sixty two,looks much younger,great legs ,shapely body,shes aged well,attractive ,and a huge pair of huge full tits that look more like melons,niples as big as cherries,and her huge tits hang well ,a mans paradise,

    her pussy over the years have not had that much work.i could never satisfy it,so I concentrated mainly on tit sex with her,in her deep tight cleavage she'd swallow both my cock and balls,she could take a horses cock between them,i did a couple of times get some pleasure from penetrating her arse,riding her hard,and she loves cock sucking,but still I could not really please her,

    it wasn't until recently I heard her talking to a friend of hers,saying she felt hot and horny,wanted to have some dirty fun,saying it had been over ten years since she had any type of sex,even take on woman she said,a first time for anything,apparently her girlfriend and husband have the same problem listening to the conversation,i could do that my wife said,there are a few things i need doing,is that what you do she asked.well that's right no guilt,i might try it,how do I get rid of him though,she said, meaning me,he might agree,ill have to find out ,let you know,love to get together with you,

    a week went by,then she mentioned about having a few jobs around the house done,ones by law I coudnt touch,new power points etc,and an outdoor power point,thats ok I said,go ahead,she also arranged for a roof repaint,at the same time,two electricians and three roof blokes arrived,non real young in their thirty or fourties,she explained to the electicians what she wanted,i to the roof blokes,she looked great nothing like her age,joking and laughing with the workman,

    it wasn't until they had a lunch break they came on to her a bit,she was loving it,teasing them in a few ways,laughing and joking,they told her she had a great figure ,she smiled not bad for an oldie she said,your joking one said,how old are you,im not telling you that she said,how old do I look she giggled,not old at all was their reply,thanks fellows she said flattery will get you anywhere,can we asked you another question,go ahead she said ,were not being rude but how big are your boobs,plenty big enough she said giggling again,how about giving us a flash come on be a sport,maybe but not here she said,in the garage,

    I was sitting on with all this,you don't mind they said,its up to her if that's what she wants ,and she does believe me was my reply,in the garage she undid her bras taking them off ,her massive tits filling her blouse,she lifted her blouse flashing those huge melons the blokes were stunned,bulging eyes mouths open,come on boys yourve seen tits before she said,silence then voices ,yes but not like those there huge,well there ready for some action she said pulling of her blouse ,whos going to be first,or better still how many at the one time she teased,they grabbed her pulling on her tits sucking in turn those great nipples,my cock had risen just watching,she was playing with them being sexy hot,within minutes she was naked being fucked like a bitch on heat over and over they fucked her ,shaer was laughing ,come on boys,how about fucking these holding her tits ,she got to her knees ill suck all your cocks before you do my tits she said,they fucked her good cocks all over her tits cum everywherethey covered every hole doggy style while others miked her tits sucked on them ,all arse fucked her,the work that day was cancelled,

    for a week these blokes gave her all she wanted and her pleasing them she was fucked at all times during the day,outsde in the house ,on the bed on the ground,she made it easy for them no bras ,and available at all times,fucking so hot they said,her tits were bruised ,her thighs the same,tits looked bigger than ever,she loved every minute and was sorry when the blokes had to leave,oh well she said always something to repair smiling,

    she keeps a lot of tradesman happy,also a few male neighbours now as well,hot is not the word ,shes on fire,most of the time someone is having fun with her tits,me im happy also,fucking her girlfriend and her great knockers,while shes on with another girlfriend of hers,so im getting two for one,bye for now,old bloke

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