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    Gay Male / 31

    I always get an annual pay raise and a big bonus and I always can take off any time that I like to. I work for a fortune five hundred company and now am second in charge of a group. I have been working here for almost five years, and in that time I have sucking my boss's cock at least twice a week for the last five years. This all started when we were working on a project that just had to get finished.

    He is about fifty married with three kids aged eight to sixteen, he is in pretty good shape with dark hair and a flat stomach, am in my early thirties with dark hair and in great shape, at our office fridays you can wear casual clothes but during the week it is suit and tie.

    Any way this project was an upmost to be completed I was running the numbers and Paul was looking over my shoulder to see the out come of every run when completed, he was so close I could feel his breath on my ear, he said something like what kind of after shave I was using because he liked the smell---I told him the brand and said I splash some on my stomach in the morning also, he said that he would like to smell that also, so I said when we are done we could go into the mens rooms stall and i'll rise my shirt for you, my cock is getting harder by the second, he was like lets go now. I could barely walk, my cock was ripping into my leg and push my pants out like you wouldn't believe.

    It was late and almost everyone was gone so I went to the last stall and my boss followed me right into the stall and he sat on the can while I locked the door I undid my belt and pulled my shirt up and he leaned in and took a big wiff, then ran his hands tightly over my hard cock. Without a word I undid my belt and let my pants slide down a little letting him see my hard cock sticking out of my boxers, I slide my shorts down and my hard cock was standing straight out and then step forward a little letting my boss know it was okay to start and then letting my boss suck my cock, he slide his mouth over my cock and went all the way down to the root and then started to bob up and down, he had to have sucked other cocks before he was a real pro and really seemed to enjoy my seven inch cock buried in his mouth. Looking down and watching an older man (no less my boss) sucking my cock was a great feeling, he starts fondling my balls thats when I let out a soft moan and filled his mouth with a hot stream of my cum, I could hear a little like moaning as he swallow my fresh load. He sucked my cock until it was soft, then I said let me smell your after shave and we switched positions he undoes his pants and a beautiful six inch cock flaps straight out into my mouth. His cock and balls are shaved and very clean looking I remember how it felt to have his cock in my mouth for the first time and how he was starting to pump his hips when he came deep down my throat. I could taste a sweet salty cum load after load shooting into my mouth, I could not stop sucking him and started to suck on his big balls and I was ready right then to stick my tongue up his ass hole and lick him deeply then too. but we had to wait until next time. That is how it started and now I can pretty much do anything as long as am available for his after lunch blow job or my end of the day sucking, am not sure who looks forward to it more me or him. So if you want to get A Head do what comes natural to you.

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    Wow! Nice story. Wish I had a boss like you. Thanks.

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