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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I'm a married 25yr white male with a 10.5 thick cock and I've been very sexual as far back as I can think. I believe I hit puberty much younger than my school mates.

    When I was in elementary I started trying all kinds of things. I would love to jerk my meat at any given chance. I play outdoors in the country naked, swim naked, stick small round objects in my ass, anything to get my rocks off.

    In middle school I got more daring. I learned to suck my own cock, I loved to feel that large hot sticky load shoot in my mouth. I would swish it around, swallow it and sometimes I'd use it as lube to get off again. Soon after I figured out I could push my soft cock into my tight ass hole, id rock back and forth and my large dick would swell inside me and I could fell every motion, and it was always so gratifying feeling those massive loads deep in me. But it wasn't enough.
    When I was in the seventh grade I found another guy on the track team that was just as perverted as me and we became best friends, and before to long all our time out of school we were hanging out, whether his house with his perverted family or at my house sneaky around doing dirty.
    My best friend and his dad were very "close" and he had educated his son on many things and even let his son keep a variety of porn, to include guy on guy.
    One summer I went to stay with his family and it is still today probably the best summer yet. Many of nights we would swim naked together, playing with each other large members, sometimes his father would join us doing just the same. He like his father were both very hung horses, uncut and brought a new definition to large loads. His father would allow us to have one beer with him, we would sit nude together in the hot tub, talk about sex with women and more so with men. He would stroke his beast while my best friend and I would stroke each other. He constantly assured us that there was nothing wrong with man on man. Shortly after the summer began he told us it was okay to have sex with one another.
    From that moment on our summer was focused on getting each other off over and over. The first time, while his mother was gone, we were watching an intense porn on gay orgies. With us all erect his father said I should take his son from behind. Using his fathers lube, I work my finger into his tight little as, obviously it had never been penetrated but he push back in pleasure asking me to use my cock and to please be easy. I lubed up my vieny monster and slowly pressed it to his clenching asshole. Slowly I eased my head in and he gasped loudly and after a short moment he began to take it all in till our balls slapped together. In that moment both our virgin cards were broken! He back thrusting back slowly and then slowly he moved faster jolting wildely. His father more than enjoy the moment. His son began to moan loudly, and in utter astonishment his father grabbed his long dick and pumped it for him as I pounded harder. His father instructed us to slow down to make it last longer, but his ass was so tight I could barely control myself. Then the bigger surprise, he guided his sons mouth to his big mushroom and made him bob on it. It was so amazing to be deep in him, and see my best friend suck his father cock! Soon it was my turn to suck his dad, and with that he blew his incredibly large load in my mouth, it was so delicious, I lost it and began my letting my load go in his son, who shortly after cummed all over his hands. His family was amazing! I didn't want to ever leave.
    The next days proceeded in roughly the same manner, mother is gone, threesome begin.
    I remember when I took my best friends cock for the first time. He was a little longer than me, but he was so painfully thick. We were in the living room watching to guys dp a younger girl and his dad suggest his son feel the same pleasure I had been enjoying. With that his dad lunbed my ass and worked his fingers to loosen me. His large finger felt amazing playing around inside me. Then I felt his sons swollen tip press and I became very nervous. Feeling him push inside, I feel a pain like no other and then it was done, he'd pushed his tip in and it felt to large to get out. After the intital pain was gone his father grabbed his hips and pushed him hard inside me, it felt like he was going to push my inside up in my throat. As he began to stroke deeper and deeper in me I could feel him become more rock hard than ever, and the sensation was overwhelming. I became weak and shaky in the knees until I couldn't stand anymore. I was on my hands and knees on the floor hearing my best friends balls slapping me, him moaning and then his father force his fat cock hard in my mouth. I was trying to catch my breath and now I had his father pushing his dick harder and harder in my mouth. I could feel both of their vieny cocks working hard, I felt so disgusting great. Then I felt something new, his father had almost angrily forced his cock so hard in my throat, I felt it pass a new threshold, it hurt my jaw but I could feel his dad's dick tip and shaft starting to go down my throat, I felt as though I was going to suffocate and die and vomit at the same time. He pulled out and asked if I liked it, I couldn't deny, it made me so excited and in that instant he made me choke on his cock. While trying to breathe his son blew a load so much and so hard it felt like it squirted from my ass. The drips of his cum and feeling it run down my balls was euphoric. Now that we could adjust his dad payed me back over the edge of the couch and force his member painfully down my throat till his balls were on my face. As painful as it was I wasn't about to stop him. I got lucky with his son mounting my cock taking me again in his tight ass. His father soon reached his climax and he came in my throat and I caught some as he pulled out. The cum I had I my stomach, ass and mouth drove me crazy. His son came down to kiss me, weird but I went with it and gave him his dad's cum which he swallowed without hesitation.

    The summer continued to be just as eventful. Eventually his dad and my best friend were taking turns with my ass and mouth. His son would cum in my ass and dad would plunge even deeper leaving both their loads dripping from me. I was in heaven.

    Towards the end of the summer things took a dramatic change. We had done practically everything imaginable to one another. My best friend and I had thought that actions with each other and his dad were done in secret. Later we found this out not to be true. Turns out his mom, knew of the whole ordeal and was in approval of such activities. So much that one day towards the end of the summer we were all eating lunch by the pool, she brought the subject up and stated that she was proud of the relationship that her son and father had and between him and I. We were jaws dropped as his father laughed. He said, that he kept nothing from he and had even discussed the events before had. Then she asked us to demonstrate what we had learned. It's awkward being put on the spot by someone we thought we were keeping a secret from, but in few short moments the three of us were deep in each other, following the instruction of mother. Things couldn't get any better.

    His mother had blatantly enjoyed the show that took place before her, complimenting us boys on our tools and her husband for "teaching" us well. She proceeded to ask us if either of us boys had been with a girl yet. To which we both shook our heads no. With this his dad began to strip my friends hot moms bikini off. She was thin 5'2 at best, tan, partially showing abs, tiny tiny waist that you could practically get your hands around with a nice V cut, a big round ass with a robust perky C cup rack with perfect tall pierced nipples and her pussy was smooth, large clit that was pierced and lips that were right together. As he stripped her bottoms off we could see her juices stringing away from her, she was so wet she was dripping. I had known my friend was very close with his father but this was new to us both, we just sat there with mouths wide and hardening cocks. She sat in the middle of us three and told us that what we learned here was to stay in this house and that we were to take this secret with us to the grave. Very intimidating being in middle school, but these days I have to confess these things.

    She began to stroke us boys, telling us about how you have to "warm" a woman up, kiss and bite her, run her clit in which she guided us to. We took turns spinning her clit in circles feeling her wetness cover our eagered hands. She began to tell us that we should be generous and lick the pussy, flick the clit with our tongues and to take our time. We both took our turns patiently, she moaned so loudly and excitedly. Then she moved us aside to show us with her husband how to insert a big cOCI like ours, she grabbed her husbands cock, swirled it around her clit and we watch he massive tool spread her lips, so much that they looked like they were going to turn inside out. As he began to pump her, between breathes she told us that we needed to have rhythm, go deep, change directions occasionally, and to deliver the member with a striking force. After a good 15/20 mins of instruction and watching her husband about pull her pussy out with his cock, he cummed in her and we watch as it quickly oozed from her lips. At which point I was told to eat her out and clean up the mess, I couldn't help myself. I cleaned that cummed filled vag with the help of my best friend wildly. I had to suck her juices from my friends dads cock which kept me very stiff. If that wasn't enough, she told my best friend that because he was her son he could choose to go next or wait for last. Of course he choose to go next. His father and I watch as her son penetrated her with his dripping cock, working just as he had seen his father. She stopped shortly after asking if I wanted to her ass. With that she sucked my cock sloppily like leaving her spit hanging, and in a short instant my best friend and I were both balls deep in his mom. Now we had lost our virginty with a woman, my friends mom! The three of us fucked wildly and loudly, her moaning and screaming, he would randomly tell his parents he loved them, I would say whatever dirty thing came to mind. Do to the heat before the three of us climaxed we moved into the living room, my best friend took his mom in the front, I took her from the read and his father took me from behind and that moment the four of us rocked forcefully into each other. Her son came quickly after filling her pussy with his hot white mess and we switched positions. I felt her cummed fill pussy wrap my cock, a monumental moment in my life, her husband took my ass again and I became the middle of a threesome and passionately slammed her pussy with everything I had and jolted back onto his cock. She started to scream loudly and I could feel an excessive amount of fluid spray for her pussy on me as she began to shake, my friends dad almost simultaneously painfully pounded me blasted me with his burning hot cum inside, I had yet to cum at this point so she took the initiative and force my cock tight into her throat and held her face to my stomach, I could feel her trying to swallow and I lost it, she took all of it down and left me out of breath. We all laid naked, sweaty, dirty, cum ridden in the living room. My life would never be the same. I had been changed so much in such a wonderful way.

    As the summer was coming to a close, we had spent the majority of the summer expirementing, having sex, talking of sex, going balls to the wall every chance we got. The last week, the four of us plus one of my friends dads friends had had and intense fucking session in the living room and had been recovering in the nude, having a beer, eating some lunch when we heard the front door open only a few feet away from us. In a split second everyone froze and gasped seeing who was walking in. Turns out my best friends older sister in high school had returned two weeks early from a summer away with family. It was an awkward momentary pause as she walked in and close the door seeing four large dicks, two of her families, mother naked, all of us looking sweaty and rough and staring at her. Her response broke us into laughter when she said "So this what you all do while I'm gone for the summer, seems like you all have enjoyed yourselves." With out missing a beat, her mother stated "we were exercising, we're all going to swim, care to join us?" To which the daughter replied "do I have to wear a bikini" and her father instantly said "No!" And with that she began to strip. Having seen my friends mom strip I was astonished at the sight of a woman's body but nothing could have prepared me for the sight of my best friends naked sister.

    She was the nerdy book smart sister he was mature passed her age, she was no taller than her mother maybe at five feet, but with an unaged smooth light skin body that I figured had seen little sun, she had very toned body I guess a gift of genetics, both her and her mother had bright hair, she had such a beautiful innocents to her as she pulled her top off allowing her D cup tight breast bounce slightly, she too had tight nipples that were pierced which surprised her mother, tiny toned stomach with very wide hips and strong round ass to match, a small rose tattoo on her left hip, and a small pussy that was barely visible and a low trimmed landing strip of red hair. She smelt sweet of conditioner and body lotion, deep bright blues eyes, belly button piercing and the most perfect white teeth I've every laid eyes on. In that moment we were all in aw as she showed her gifted body, her eyes were even more stunning as she took her large glasses off. She was such a sight to see I feel as her mother was jealous. We all complimented her many times to which she was bashful and turn red in the cheeks as we walked outside to the pool in a nude gaggle.

    As we all began to arrive at the pool she stated she need sunblock to keep her skin healthy and unburnt. Mother took the lead but she asked if I would. Feeling nervous I accepted. Everyone began to swim as I started to rub sunblock over her, I couldn't prevent myself from getting an erection which she giggled at. Her father spoke with "now don't act like you haven't seen one of those before, you should take that as a compliment" to which she replied that she had never seen one in person, only in his videos. The only thing she had seen in person was her mothers pussy when she taught her how to masturbate. The mother chimed in asking how she enjoyed it, to which the daughter replied that she hadn't except for that time and that she still had never been penetrated.
    What took place is a story in itself, I'll shared more later.

    I hope you all enjoyed hearing about my childhood. Please like and I'll share my of my childhood perversions.

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    Total fantasy. Why bother?

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