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    Straight Male / 24

    It started around the time I hit puberty. I would jerk off to gay thoughts but after I would cum I would feel gross. Like damn what was I thinking. Eventually I got more turned on to the thought of a guy fucking me in the ass that I started fingering myself and jerking off at the same time.
    I stopped for a couple of years. The fingering I mean. But then around the time I was 17 or 18 I started doing it again. This time with 2 fingers. I couldn't help myself. It hurt but felt good at the same time. Then one day I found a butt plug in my older brothers room that he used for his girlfriend.
    I took it from his room one day when he went to work and I spit all over it and tried to stick it in my ass but I was way to tight.I slobbered all over it and pushed really hard until the thickest part went in I was plugged.i felt like I accomplished something haha. I jerked off while pushing the butt plug deeper inside me even though it was technically all the way in. I let off a load like no other and just sat there for a couple of minutes still playing with the butt plug inside me.
    Then it came time to take it out,clean it, and put it back before my brother came home lol. Put when I pulled it out I felt almost sad that it was over haha. So the next day I did it again and it was just as good. And it was a little easier to put inside me. This time I was pushing it in and out imagining myself getting fucked by a random guy.
    But then I stopped doing it again for a couple more years. Now I just go in chat rooms and have cyber sex with gay guys till I let off a load and then block them because I don't want anyone finding out. I have a girlfriend and our sex life is amazing but when I'm alone I can't help but jerk off to gay sex and men telling me what they would do to me. Am I wrong or gay for this?

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    You're Not wrong or gsy. You are bisexual. I am too. Nothing wrong with that
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    Go for the real thing you will love it.
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    I don't have gay friends and I don't want to sleep with a stranger lol

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