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    Gay Male / 27

    I've know all my life I was different because I had no sexual interest in females. Not sure but think it was 6 or 7th grades when I first had sex with another boy. Being an only child comes with the burden that your the only one to achieve, so you have to do it right the first time - for your parents. I strived to be a good son, student and especially a good athlete for my college football star father. I appears I achieved that object, because I played football at his almamater. After college I came out, to the shock of my mom and some friends. For those who think gay activity doesn't happen in college sports - your wrong. Not often, and not overt, but it happens more than anyone might imagine.
    For two years I've been in a relationship with a guy I knew from college. We've a strong commitment to each other and are building a life together. We're also open minded and agree to 3sums and 4sums as long as the other is present. It works for us and that's all that matters. When SCOTUS rules for our civil rights we plan to make it legal. Actually, my partner is the one who discovered adult confessions and has encouraged me to share my confession.
    When I was 16 years old I came home unexpectedly to discover my college football star dad and his brother in a 69. My dad was the last man on earth I would have imagined to be bi, but there he was on his side with his older brothers dick fucking his mouth. I felt like I was in a time warp; I was aware of what was happening but I could neither move or utter a sound. Two good looking, married, masculine, muscular, hairy bears into some heavy cock sucking. I remember seeing my dad hairy legs, which I had seen all my life, but this time he and his brother were sexual objects - not my dad and favorite uncle.
    When my uncle saw me standing in the doorway he pulled back screaming my name, backing up as he fell off the bed. Dad rolled onto his back looking backwards toward me. I saw his hard cock sticking up from his thick black curly pubs as it glistened with my uncles slobber. I was seeing this all of this but I was still unable to move or speak. My dad was standing in front of me shaking me calling my name before my uncle was able to get out of the floor and join dad. The next thing I knew dad is shaking me calling my name and my uncle is washing my face with a wet cloth. I do remember gasping for breath as dad was blowing onto my face as I finally shook my head.
    They set me on the foot of bed as they continued to wash my face with the wet cloth and I began to compose myself; regaining some sense of composure coming out of shock. Now dad, my naked dad, is holing my head against his hairy chest as my uncle rubs alcohol on my face and under my nose. I started shaking my head from side to side saying "I'm okay. I'm okay." Now my naked dad and uncle are standing in front of me with flaccid cocks waving wash clothes and alcohol in my face until I pushed their hands away. My dad was saying how sorry he was. How he was not expecting me home for hours. How it was okay to hate him and my uncle. Please, please do not ever tell your mother. They were both frothing at their mouths with apologizes. When I looked dad in the face tears were dripping off his chin.
    Never would I have ever thought my dad was bi and he had no reason to suspect I was bi either. Nevertheless, here I am siting on my parents bed having just witnessed my dad and his married brother sucking each others cocks. Here they are naked bringing me out of shock apologizing for being so careless as to allow their life long secret to be discovered. With the right side of my face against my dad's hairy chest as he rubs a wet cloth over my forehead. My uncle at his side holding an open bottle of alcohol toward my nose, I took my right hand and reached for my dads cock, and my left hand for my uncles. They both pushed my hand away saying, "no", "no". I remember leaning down taking my dads dick in my mouth. This was all reactionary and without thought. I took his cock out of my mouth saying, "I'm gay."
    Now they are in shock as I reach to suck my uncles cock while holding my dad's in my right hand and it was getting hard really fast. With my left hand I started to unzip my shorts. My uncle was pulling my polo over my head and dad was unbuckling my belt and shorts. My uncle put his hands on the back of my head, the other on dads pushing our mouths together for my first open mouth kiss with anyone. We are running our hands all over each other as my uncle is now running his tongue in my mouth and my dad in kneeling in front of my raging hard cock. He blew on it, licked the head, shaft and my balls while me and my uncle made out, and I jacked his hard cock. Then dad put my cock in his mouth and went up and down a couple of times. I screamed as I began to shot load after load into my dads mouth. Afterward they told me my entire body jerked and quivered like someone getting a strong charge of electricity. I know my legs jerked and got weak because I collapsed onto of dad who was kneeling in the floor in front of me. My uncle was trying to hold my up by my chest as my orgasm was so intense; I almost passed out. That's the type of orgasm one experience with family fun.
    They laid me on my back on the bed kissing and licking me all over. My dad pushed me up with my back to the headboard and stood over me with his cock at my face. My uncle lay between my legs with my cock in his mouth and my dad began to rub his cock over my face and lips. He told my uncle to come watch while he fucked his sons mouth. the head of his cock hit the back of my mouth a coupe of times and grabbed the sides of my head blowing squirt after squirt down my throat. My uncle was saying, "eat some of the same cum that made you" and with that, I blew without touching myself (again) my cum shooting against my father's balls and ass. My dad pulled out and my uncle took his place and within a few strokes his cum was filling my mouth and dripping off my chin.

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    I'm straight but that story has be hard as hell. I'm going to read it again and jerk off.
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    I'm female and this story has me wet as hell! WOW!
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    Fab story wonder how ur uncle n dad look like
    Curious abt everyone's hard cocks
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    Glad you enjoyed my confession. I can't share this with just anyone.
    Dad is 56yo, 6'6", 247#, 8" x (7" at base and 5 1/2" at the head).
    Uncle is 58yo, 6'2", 255#, 9" x 5 1/2"
    I am 27yo, 6'2", 218#, 7 1/2" x 5 1/2"
    Partner is 28yo, 5'11", 188#, 9" x 5"
    You have no idea who much fun we have together and how many times we get each other off - in all types of combinations.
    when we go out of town together for university football games, there have been times we left at half time and have even sold our tickers at the gates to watch the game on TV at the hotel while we fuck and suck.

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