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    Straight Female / 23

    Recently I went out with a few of my friends, about 4 of them, and went to a hotel next to a beach for a few nights. We were all very close, we had been friends since pre-school. Enough about it though, to the story!

    So we had a smallish hotel room, two bedrooms, and a kitchen/living room. We had a few drinks, and we also were drinking lots of water. Soon enough we were all drunk, and we stayed up until around 1. I vaguely remember this- but I have it etched faintly in my head. I needed the loo quite badly, but we were all tired.

    I lied in bed, for some reason we all wanted the same bedroom. Clarissa and I called the bed while Ashley, Rachael and Anna were on the floor. I tucked into the sheets, cuddling up against a pillow. It took me a while to fall asleep, my bladder felt quite stretched.

    I woke up in the morning, bout 7 o'clock. My eyes were blurry, so I reached up a hand to rub the sleep from my pupils. I couldn't lift my hand, and I realized with confusion that I was tied up to the bed, hands and legs spread apart.

    That was when my friends popped out and surprised me, and my sleep deprived brain sent a warning my bladder was full and I needed to lol extremely.

    "Why am I tied up?" I had asked Clarrisa, who had a few bottles of water next to her. I believe what she did next was smile, or maybe it was a frown. 1 day after, I can't really remember too much.

    "We decided to have a little fun," is what Ashley butted in. I then realized I was completely naked, and right in front of a window.

    My appearance is alright; I have fairly large breasts and a tight stomach, my hips are wide and my legs are slim. I struggled, my lips closed tight in an attempt to hold back the waves of urine inside my poor bladder.

    Anna had grabbed a water bottle with a smirk plastered on her face. I squirmed a little bit as I felt the urine pushing on my crotch. A large spasm made me thrash a little, I was in extreme pain.

    She poured the liquid into my mouth and I tried to spit, but natural reflexes made me swallow. I was forced to chug the whole thing, so of course tears streamed down my eyes.

    Nothing seems to push my poor bladder as much as iced tea. And of course my closest friends knew that. What did Anna have in her hands next? Iced tea.

    She poured it into my mouth, and the tears strolled down quicker. I was in extreme pain as an orgasm feared me and my bladder, I could feel my lips quivering.

    I groaned in pain, but I couldn't believe my eyes when they started untying me. I quickly ran toward the hotel room loo, discovering it was locked. I collapsed to the floor as I started to sob.

    With an evil grin, Clarissa grabbed all my clothes and handed them toward me. "You'll have to go all the way down to the lobby bathrooms!"

    I hissed as i put on my clothes quickly, my underwear surpassingly dry. I shuffled my legs and opened the door. I shoved my hands in between my legs, bending over as I shuffled into the elevator. It too about forty seconds, then I hurriedly mumbled into the lobby. My legs were twisted right, and I saw stares coming from the whole lobby.

    One little girl passed by me and laughed. I ignored her, not knowing what she was all about. I could barely hold my bladder as I realized the loos were across the lobby. I groaned as I shuffled across the room, earning surprised looks. I saw my boyfriend, Alex, come up to me. He had a beer in his hand, and he picked me up.

    I sighed In relief as be brought me into the loo, but I darkened as he didn't take me in a stall. He locked the door and undressed me, careful around my legs. Once I was exposed I crossed my legs again, but he spread them apart. He dropped half the can into my mouth, forcing me to chug the whole bottle. My full stomach was pressing into my bladder, even worse Alex started to feel my rock hard bulge.

    He started lining his fingers across my area, I almost let out a spurt. I gritted my teeth as he did that, and I started crying softly.

    He started to push on my bladder, weakening my muscles. I slapped him, but he kept on. I started o wail now, and my bladder started to quiver. He starts to then open my legs again, then suddenly he pinched my lips closed. Strongly.

    I felt my muses relax, then suddenly he let go and urine sprayed everywhere. I peed for about 3 minutes in a heavy stream, and I sobbed with humility.

    I have yet to get revenge. I will post another as I get revenge on all of them!

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