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    Straight Male / 48

    I'm the evening and Saturday administrator at a small private university with just over 2,000 students. I work Monday - Thursday from 3 - 11 PM and Saturdays. The administrative staff, whose offices are on the opposite side of the building from upper administrators, leave after 8:00PM break. I'm the only staff member on site for the last 2 classes spending that time in my office, auditing classes and evaluating instructors. Jimmy, our housekeeping supervisor, begins work at 8:00pm in the administrative offices which are empty and his crew arrives at 10:00PM. Three weeks ago my schedule was to evaluate instructors, so I locked my office area due to my being in the classrooms. The 8 - 9 PM instructor I planned to audit had a substitute, so I was free that hour. I walked the hallways looking into other classes, went to the bathroom and headed for my office. When I got off the elevator on the main floor I looked toward the doors to the administrative offices and didn't see a light from under the doors. This was a first, so I became concerned for Jimmy, who is a tall, thin, black man in his 60's. I unlocked the door to those offices just to check and noticed a light reflecting from under the door of the DOA. Now my heart is racing fearing a student has broken into the Director of Admissions back office. The carpeted floor allowed me to walk right up to that door, which I opened without knocking. Standing in front of the desk bent over with his hands holding the other side was my married Director Of Admissions with Jimmy fucking his ass. We were all frozen for a few seconds before Jimmy began to back out the longest dick I have ever seen in my life. How in the name of God did he take something that long? I do not know, but Jimmy was balls deep in his ass and I watched him withdraw that monster of a cock.
    Both of their pants were around their ankles as Jimmy pulled his up it took both hands on his deflating cock to get it in his pants. My DOA, who is 5"8", 145# had two fist of dick buried in his married ass and took it with ease. Finally, I pulled the door too and walked over to my office on the other side of the building. I was at a lose for words; didn't know what to say or do. Shortly, the buzzer went off indicating someone was coming into the lobby area on my side and, of course, it was Jimmy and the DOA. Both are great, loyal and model employees who were concerned they would be terminated immediately. I was so conflicted I was literally shaking. They talked and I listened for 2 hours, learning this had been happening for over 7 years - and in the facility. Two married men, co workers and friends, who I would never have suspected of being bisexual caught fucking at work. I told them what they did was their business, but not on campus.
    I've never been with a man, although I've had opportunities. I'm married, but get my share of strange; not students but been with several females from work. I cannot get out of my mind how Jimmy's big dick was buried balls deep in the DOA ass. The more I think about it the greater my desire to see it again; watch him fuck that ass like I fuck a pussy. I've had lots of M/M/F action, however, the desire for M/M/M is new and increasing. I've beat off several times to what I witnessed; each time throwing a big load. Last night after students left, and Jimmy and his crew were upstairs cleaning class rooms, I went over to the DOA's office standing where Jimmy stood and I beat off blowing all over the DOA's desk - where he lay while getting fucked. I cannot erase from my mind what I witnessed and the desire to be a voyeur with those two is growing stronger everyday. Last night I wondered, for the first time, what that ass might feel like.

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    Damn hot story. Personally -- I hope you suck and fuck both of them -- and that they return the favor. I especially hope you enjoy sucking Jimmy's cock (as much of it as you can) --- and cum all over the DOA's desk when Jimmy fucks your ass. Enjoy, my friend.
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    Just do it already...then you will know...
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    I was 13 the first time a buddy offered to suck my cock. I was 41 at a convention and drunk when I finally let a married buddy give me head. I am trying to make up for those 28 years of missed blow jobs from men. You have to tell them what you witnessed excites you and you want to see a full performance. You will never, ever regret fulfilling that interest which has peaked in your groins.
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    I agree with them. Suck those cocks and let them fuck you!

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