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    Straight Female / 28

    We have trained our nice gentle Labrador to root me on command it has taken quite a while my husband likes watching and helping us hook up as it is a bit difficult to ensure he goes in the right hole it is great with the dog in me it will last for at least half an hour however we can get bound up when his penis bulbs out if he gets his legs back we can be tied bum to bum and we struggle around the floor until he relaxes and we release my husband now ensures we are both well lubed and has got a real thick dildo for me ensuring I use it a lot to open up my c**t more and I have had no more problems my husband loves wearing panties and bras and wanking so we have a great relationship and do not stray a nice little threesome

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    Great confession wish I was your dog
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    Kill yourself. World a better place.
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    Kill yourself. World a better place.
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    i love it, i like sex with my dog too, let him get your ass and i love it when he knots me. enjoy the knot, don't pull against it. I would always lick my wife's pussy clean after our rothwieler would knot her. she loved it in the ass and in the pussy, it was a little more difficult getting him to knot my ass but when he did, it was great. my wife came so many times just watching that.

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