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    Lesbian Female / 37

    I never once had a crush on a boy. I have plenty of crushes on girls. I never daydreamed about being out with a boy, but I daydreamed about being with certain girls. I was very interested in my body, I liked to look at myself naked, I just thought girls looked nice naked.

    At thirteen I kissed this other girl on the mouth. In gym class I watched the other girls, I got as much out of it if got to see a boob or two, or even better if I saw their naked behind, you couldn't really see vulvas, which turn me on immensely, because at that time everyone went unshaved.

    I was in college before I got the chance to put my mouth inside another girls pussy. She later accused me of taking advantage of her. But once you taste pussy you want more. At the time I was working part time at the Holiday Inn and this Mexican woman who worked in the kitchen put the move on me. I got my pussy eaten, but I just couldn't eat her out, her pussy was so overrun with pubes, and her lips were dark and her pussy had this discharge in it, I just couldn't.

    As a senior I met this girl who played on the volley ball team, she was a total lesbian butch, and she dated me, and she was real experienced so that is where I learned in real life about making out and kissing and doing all the nasties with another girl. She dated me for about four months, then the romance went away. I never felt anything for her, it was just that was my first time dating anyone.

    I met this Dutch girl, her name was Katarina, she was very pale and had round boobs an wide hips and she really liked to get naked and eat pussy. We had this game where we timed each other to see who could eat pussy longer, I ate her pussy for fifteen minutes, just going for it. She is the first girl I showered with and lathered up, she is the first girl who really made me suck on her boobs. She is the first girl who fingered my bottom, she is the first girl who showed me her butt zone. She is the first girl I would call and make time and spend all day with. I would say she was my first real girlfriend.

    But she went back to Holland.

    The next thing that happened to me is that a guy friend from work got ahold of me one night and ended up screwing me. Technically it was probably illegal, but I didn't care. He screwed me several more times, trying to see if I would go for him, instead of a girl. Getting screwed by him was like letting your brother touch your boob, you let him, let him enjoy himself, let him reach orgasm and ejaculate and then you clean him up and make sure he is ok. The trouble was I wasn't as smart as I thought I was and I got way to much ejaculate in me with the resultant consequences. This sealed the deal for him, and really for me too, I married my friend and went to live with him in his condo. Then we bought a house together. I am still married to him, because why not, turned out that I liked having a girl, and he wanted a couple more so we had a couple more.

    This is where my life gets confusing. I know what I am, there are some women I see that all I want to do is get in their pants. No man ever makes me feel like that, not even my husband. Like I said, I let him do what he needs to do. He is a good husband and good father and my kids deserve him and I have pretty much learned how to run a house and live a hetero life. But I still get the desire for women. Especially certain women, like pretty Vietnamese girls, or certain pretty latino girls. Those are my weakness. My husband looks at them and thinks they are too small, I'm 5' 7" and a bit heavy, and he swears that is his perfect woman.

    The older I get and the longer I am married, I live totally hetero with my husband, 100%. I haven't touched a girl since I first got screwed by him. In that sense I went straight. But I'm not. And what happens if one day that special girl comes by and I don' run away, I stay an try the forbidden fruit.

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