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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Hello I'm Chad,
    Has anyone ever been approached by a much 26 yearold man who tried to befriend you then open up a door for a sexual opportunity with you?
    I was asked if I wanted a blowjob in his car while he was giving me a ride home after work when I was 14.
    I was still a virgin so didn't ever concidering having sex with an other guy.
    In private I agreed to letting him blow me for my very first time. What I didn't expect was he also wanted me to blow him too.
    Very ackward because with him sucking me I could imagine he was a girl but me sucking him caught me by suprise.
    So emotional I had to adjust from thinking like a male to thinking like a girl and sucking dick.
    So I agreed and liked how open he was with me. So now I am staring at a big hard dick with a man telling me it's my turn.
    So in his car I gave him my first blowjob. He put his hand on the back of my head and coached me how. Being told to keep a rhythm and get ready to go deep down in the back of my throat on his que and swallow his cum.

    So I gave a man a blowjob and received my first blowjob too.
    Now I have to deal with all my feelings. Am I gay? Because I did enjoy it.
    The up and coming weeks we met again and again. Both enjoying giving and receiving oral sex.

    Has anyone ever been asked if they wanted to be butt fucked?
    Soon in the weeks following it we both were fucking and enjoying being fucked.
    I so feel like a girl now being used like a toy for his pleasure being fully open sexually in any and every way with him.

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    You're 50 and this started when you were 14? Makes no sense.

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