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    Straight Male / 31

    I work for a large company and there is this guy that seem to talk to me all the time - he is really nice and I got to know him well. I thought maybe he was gay but I found out that he had a girlfriend at the Christmas party. There was something about him - he is very caring, always smiles when he sees me and he has the right balance of geekyness and masculinity. He's about the only guy I would consider trying anything sexual with for some reason.

    One day, he invited me to go fishing up north at this cottage for the weekend. I thought a remote cabin would be nice and relaxing and he promised a fun weekend.

    On the first night, we drank some red wine with and after supper and we went to bed around midnight. Around 2 am I woke up and he had moved over to my bed and he was cuddling me - I was wearing only under-wears and I could feel the warmth of his body against mine and the hair on his stomach - he felt really good.

    We both woke up around 4 am as it was really hot under the covers - I could feel his cock on my ass cheek and he was hard. I kicked off the covers and all of a sudden, he reached over and started massaging my back. I was lying on my stomach and he started kissing my spine as he was massaging my back and making his way down to my ass. I have to stay he felt reallllly good but my mind was racing - he was kissing my pelvis when he pulled down my under-wears to my knees and he started massaging and kissing my cute round butt. ALl of a sudden, he opened my cheeks and I felt him spit on my hole - he then started licking my hole and eventually eating my ass like there is no tomorrow - woohooaaaaa I had never had this done to me and it was heavenly. He just buried his face in my crack and he "went to town" lol

    He eventually turned me over and sucked and lick my balls forever and eventually gave me the most erotic sloppy wet blowjob of my life. My eyes were closed and I was just taking it all in. This guy was a good lover and he seemed to enjoy my nice big cock.

    He then got on all fours on the bed with his pucker in the air and he passed me over the lube. I guess he wanted me to try fucking him. So I greased up my cock and I rubbed my cock on his hole for a while and I eventually pushed my cock inside of him - WOW !! it felt really AWESOME !! His body felt warm and his hole felt really tight and his ass would contract on my cock - wow this was better then I imagined it.

    Not only was I pushing my cock in but he was working his ass back and forth also - this guy was a good lover.

    He told me to cum inside his ass and I did ! I was balls deep and I could feel my cock pulsing and spewing out a huge load of cum.

    I thought wow, this is only our first night !

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    The very best man-on-man sex I've ever had was with married men. Why? They get it less often, so they put more into sex and are more concerned with satisfying the me to insure a repeat. Just my opinion.
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    C'mon now -- tell us about the other nights -- and then how things did-or-did not continue once you were back at work. Did you suck his cock a lot and let him cum in your mouth -- and in your ass? Tell us more. Very nice -- thanks
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    You're lucky. I know I would have spent the whole weekend sucking and fucking his cock and asshole. I miss having a suck buddy at work, sneaking off for the occasional blowjob whenever we got the chance!
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    I think I need to spend a lot of remote cabin weekends with "poster # 3" licking and sucking his balls, ass and cock --- so we could have something to post on this great forum.
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    Number 4, my old suck buddy and I would go "deer hunting" for 1 week every year but the only thing we ever shot was cum into each others mouth or, on a few occasions, ass. We both liked sucking and swallowing more than fucking. Never had clothes on the entire week and never grew tired of sucking ad licking cock, balls and ass! A LOT of true man sex times together! Leave a way to contact you to share!
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    Number 5 -- yeah --- I should have taken up deer hunting years ago -- but didn't. Try rogerwilco29 at the yah place.
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    #4 sent you something. Let's talk.

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