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    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    I have to say, reading some of these confessions, i am really comfortable to share my experiences.

    I'm a freak!
    Simply put, im just that lady in the streets and freak in the sheets kinda woman and i love staring my own movie.

    I was with Juanell at that time. Tall, handsome, masculine and sexy football player. He was just a very secretive person and just by seeing him, u could tell. None the less, he didnt keep it a secret that he liked me. He was all over my facebook, mesaaging me and while at school he ensure i saw him in his element around those who praise him as a star!

    I soon got interested to see what he had to offer & just by giving him the first kiss, I knew I was going to give him some sensational fucking as I haven't been having sex for a while at the time. I was edgy, horny and miserable! About three days after our kissing & touching in his classroom, we had plans to go to his place for the afternoon. Let's just say, the sex was good except he was so eager that he kept coming so quickly and I was still horny, wanting to let go my juices, wanting to ride on his 7" cock and dying to take his cock down my throat! But he was famished. More than me too. Way more. He was hungry!!

    We continued having sex twice, three times a week at his place. I was still wanting more! Still wanting to climax hard!! He just kept coming so quickly especially if I used muscles to hold his dick or if I wined on him or even talk dirty.

    I spoke to him and he started trying to hold back his climax. I appreciated. He was OK, but I wanted a jock! Not just a cock! Anyways, I wanted adventure with him eventhough he wasn't the longest runner. I had a girl that was crazy over me so we planned a party. Just him, two of my gfs, his friend who is a pastor, me and surprisingly, the pastor's bf- Cruz.

    We watched TV, drank, talked, and got to know each other. After about three hours the drama began....

    Cruz who is a young sexy guy was a eye warmer, as he's very very cute!! He happened to be there like a normal guy just chatting us up. Next thing I know he started cursing the pastor whose name I won't say. It seem some girl was calling up pastor and cruz decided to cause a little scene at the party. So they began arguing. I was turned on by these two men who are clearly in love, arguing a d sounding so much like they just want to fuck each other!

    Next thing I know the pastor just ran onto cruz and shoved him. Cruz started cursing louder saying he's gonna leave. After what seemed like a decade of silence after he mentioned leaving, I heard pastor say, "Yes I will do that to make u happy, and I love u too".

    I was wet!

    Juanell who was with me n my girls in the party area where we were just tuning in to the drama, was just there smiling. After hearing what pastor said I heard him say, "OK well now make it up u two and as a matter of fact let's see u do it!"

    I was wondering if I beard him well. One of my girls got hot When she heard that. I could see her beads of sweat and I knew ahe was horny sitting waiting to see or hear...

    Now, this is the first and the only time I've ever witnessed gays having sex. Of course am bi, so I see girls but I've never seen men. This night changed my opinion of gay men...

    Juanell got up and went in the room. About two mins after he called me. I went in to find cruz sucking off pastor's cock so sexy that my head raised! He was good! Juanell liked what he saw, and I could never tell until later when Cruz was stabbing pastor's asshole, he was giving pastor a handjob! I made him fuck my friend and me, as I watched d gay couple. I was so hot n horny and my gf ate my pussy even more when she realised I was gushing with juices!

    Juanel's cock went limp in my pussy while I was riding him and I thought this was him being tired. Next thing I know after I got off, Cruz touched his cock and he was stiff as cruz took it in his mouth.

    I was numb!
    He was bi all this time!!??

    Cruz fucked him, pastor fucked him and they didn't mind as my gf & I made out with each other while they had a threesome. They filled juanell with cum! His mouth, his ass, his face, his chest, his hair! N he loved it. I later found out that pastor and my bf were fucking a long while now and they still are...

    That was Saturday night.
    Sunday morning we went to church with pastor in our party dresses and no undies. He told us he doesn't do girls so we had a good time kissing n teasing each other to mess with his head.

    After church, pastor met up with asexy security manager guy. He too was pastors man. We all went to a bar, had a drink and they brought Us home. As we were getting out I wished them good luck and pastor made it clear that Andre will want that as he's going to burst his asshole open in the in the next hour and a half When they get home. I just heard Andre said, "It could be way before that cuz I'm stiff right now". I looked at his croych and smiled. Closed the door and walked away. We had each other's # so we spoke via whatsapp. But I've never seen them since and I did leave juanell. I want a stud!!! A macho man!

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