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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    At the end of April I started a new job which included visiting three airports here in the UK. As you do when your away from home and in public spaces, you use public toilets. In a major southern airport in May I needed the toilet, so headed off to one I knew wasn't utilized too much by the public. Stepping inside I immediately heard the sounds of someone being fucked. Then passing an open door cubicle used for wheelchair access, I looked inside to see an older guy fucking a young lad. They didn't stop or miss a beat as I stood and watched totally engrossed in what they were doing. It was only when I'd been looking for about twenty seconds, I realized they were actually airport workers. Turning his head and looking directly at me the older guy griped the young lads hips and began to thrust hard up his arse. Seconds later he dumped his cum up the young mans arsehole.

    Pulling his cock out, he winked at me, moved up to where the young lads mouth was and told him to suck it clean. Turning to me again he said "You wanna fuck him, he'd love you to believe me".

    There are probably lots of men out there who have said they've never been involved in gay sex, before they've fucked a guys arse. Well I'm one of them if you don't count on one occasion having an old school friend when I was fourteen, suck me off. Moving into the cubicle and closing the door behind me, I dropped my trousers and underwear and easily slid my already erect cock up the young mans arsehole. He made a soft groaning noise as my cock entered him, which stirred the older man to fuck his young friends mouth. Like a female slut one of my friends and I fucked in Amsterdam one evening two years before, myself and the older guy pounded into the lads holes and used him and his body as a fuck tube. The difference between the slut and this lad, was he was a far better fuck. Building up to my orgasm I told him I was about to cum, releasing the older guys cock for a second or two, he told me to cum inside him.

    I did as he asked and pumped every drop of my cum up his already cum filled arsehole. It was such a strong orgasm I had to hold onto the hand rails designed to help the wheelchair users. Pulling out I was about to get dressed when the older guy asked me to move a little. Moving back to where I'd just stood, he told the young man to suck my cock clean, Then as I moved to lads face to have him suck on my dick, the older guy squatted down put his face between the young mans arse cheeks and began to tongue his rear hole, sucking mine and his own cum out of the young mans arse, then swallowing it.

    With my cock cleaned of cum, I started to feel the urge to pee which is what I entered the toilets in the first place for. Telling them I wanted to piss the young man spoke for the first time. In a soft spoken voice he told me to piss on him. The older guy moved away as he sat on the toilet seat in front of me. Aiming my semi erect cock at him as he opened his fluorescent jacket, I let the stream of piss go soaking his t shirt covered body and trousers. Sinking down a little, he had my piss arching onto his face and his smile couldn't gotten any wider.

    I finished pissing on him, put my cock away and without saying a word, I left the cubicle, washed my hands and exited the toilets. Getting home later that day just before my girlfriend got home, I booked myself into a STD clinic. Luckily a few days later I got the all clear. It was and is the only time I've fucked a guys arse without a condom. But it isn't the only time visiting the airports, I've had men young and older, workers and public suck my cock or take it up their arse. There are a lot of horny married, single and gay men out there who just adore having sex in public toilets. I know, as I I've now fucked five men since May.

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    I love sex in public toilets and have done ever since my early teens, And over the years I have seen every shape and size of cock and have enjoyed all ages of men too, The wildest one was in a large disabled toilet there were four men in there including one teenager who was a real cock slut he not only let us all fuck him but sucked us all off too!, The oldest man there was about sixty and very well hung I was amazed as the teenager swallowed every inch of his cock with no trouble at all, When we all left he had eight loads of cum inside him at both ends he cleaned us all up with his mouth before we left him sitting happily on the toilet naked and licking his lips.

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