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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I have an 11 inch penis, and I have a love-hate relationship with it.


    My penis is destroying my dating life. It's a relationship deal breaker. Women don't want to be with me after they see it, and some actually become afraid. The few times I've ever tried to have sex have usually ended very quickly, either from pain or injury. I have way too many date nights which end with me alone in my apartment. Often I attract the wrong women - women who are looking not for me, but for a thrill.


    I' m a slave to my penis and I love pleasuring myself. When I sit upright in bed, my erection reaches up to my nipples, and I love how thick it is in my hands; I almost can't reach around it, and it's even thicker at the base. I often jerk off with both hands, softly massaging the sweet spot just below the head with one hand while I firmly stroke mid-shaft with the other hand, waiting for the precum to start oozing down my cock and make my strokes wet.

    More than anything else though, I love to suck it. In the heat of the moment, I swear sometimes it's worth all of the trouble, It makes me so hot to force feed myself. I love how it completely dominates my mouth, stretching it out until my lips hurt while I take hard breaths through my nose. I love how far I can go down on it without gagging. I love the way my precum mixes with my saliva, making a warm tasty froth which makes my tight mouth feel so good to fuck, better than any vagina ever could.

    I can't count how many loads of hot cum I've shot down my throat. Orgasms are incredible when my cock is buried at the back of my mouth.

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    Please call me if you ever need a substitute mouth to suck your big cock and swallow that load. Thanks ---
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    I don't have a cock anywhere near that big, but when I was a teen, I could suck my own cock. It was amazing. I loved licking and sucking my own cock. Not quite so flexable any more. But if I were, I know that I'd be sucking my own cock every time I was alone.
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    I do not have one that long but it is 9 inches or so. The problem is the thickness. The head is big and I am cut now. But the shaft is wide. I have had girls ask if I have two dicks grown together like twins. I ask the Dr, but its not. I just have a wide one and its pretty long as well. There are very few women and girls who can take 9 inches with out hitting the cervix. Its painful for them and that ends the hammering i like to do just before i cum. I have had girls and woman tell me, You are not putting that in me! but most are helpful. Will give me a blow job as best they can or jerk me off some while sucking my nuts.

    I have found a few women who love the thickness and the length. One was a neighbor women who had five daughters. Her husband said she had a huge pussy when they married and it got bigger with each child. She would and could take the pounding all i wanted ot give her. and i wanted ot give it to her a lot. She was a pretty older woman with a great body. Except the belly stretch marks.
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    I'm a curious married man, I'd love to suck that big cock for you. Never have, but I want to. I think I could definitely pleasure you. I'm sure like everyone else, that I could never swallow it whole, but I know what feels good for me, and I know that I could easily do those things for you. I could jack you off with both hands while I lick and tease your "Sweet" spot, along with a lot of licking, and sucking all over your stiff cock, and your balls. When you start to leak pre-cum, I'll lick from the bottom of your shaft, cleaning up your hot liquid, all the way back to the Sweet spot. Then I'll go to work on as much of the head as I can fit into my mouth while my tongue does a number on that spot that will bring you to a mind blowing orgasm. You can fill my mouth with your hot cum until I can't take any more. Then as I swallow all I can, I'll start licking the rest of it from your pulsating cock, and swallow all of the rest of it. And don't worry, I'd keep teasing your Big beautiful cock with my mouth and tongue until you were completely drained, and going limp.
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    I wish you were my bf. :(
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    I love big cock and want to swallow you and be your bitch and give you my ass to fuck all day long. I have trained myself to take really big toys so your cock will make a nice home for me. Do you like sissy boys who love big cock? Let me know? Chrissy
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    #4 to #5, Are you the OP? If so, I wish I was too. That cock sounds amazing. Someday I hope to find a guy to give my oral skills to. I've always been really good at pleasing women with them. Never ever had one complaint. Just lots of compliments. I think that I could do the same for a man. I LOVE oral sex.
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    Hi commenters! this is the OP!

    I wasn't expecting this much positive feedback on this, given my feedback generally.

    I love reading about how you'd pleasure me, but I really think you don't understand the size of my penis: Try to imagine a something the length of a paper towel tube, thick as a red bull can, with a slight upward curve and an even thicker (circumcised) head at the end. You might be able to lube up and take the first half, but I seriously doubt anyone can take the whole thing (at least without backing out after a few seconds).

    Nevertheless; reading these comments, and knowing my cock turns you on, makes me so fucking hard. Right now I'm sitting up in bed, my back propped up on some pillows. I'm naked and my laptop is sitting on my bare thighs, just below my balls. My erection is sitting up against my chest - the head is resting against my sternum, right between my nipples, and I'm making a hell of en effort to keep my hands off of it so I can type this.

    That's all for now. Plus, I won't be able to sleep tonight until I make myself cum!
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    #4 Here. I wish I was there with you. I might not be able to take it all, but I'd love to see it and try my best to suck you off. I know that I could make you cum. I'd love to lick your entire cock and suck your balls. Once I've teased and tormented you with my oral skills, I'd swallow all that I could then let you shoot the rest all over my face. After you finished shooting your hot spunk on my face as I keep jacking your magnificent cock off, and I tease your sweet spot all the while with my tongue and fingers, I'll use you cock like a squeegee and clean it off of my face, then lick it off of your cock. I don't know if I could take that monster up my virgin ass, but I might be coerced into trying it.
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    Love sucking my own cock. I can get about 3 or 4 inches of it in my mouth and shoot the biggest loads when I suck myself off. I enjoy swallowing my own cum and also like to lube my asshole then stuff my big cock up my ass then fuck myself and fill my hot tight as with my own cum.
    I had a girlfriend that liked watching me do this and after I came in my ass she would put on her strap on and fuck me using my cum for lube.

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