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    Posted by Anonymous

    Here's a bad one...

    I was just in the washroom at my workplace. The 3rd floor where I work is pretty dead (for the most part). So I went to the washroom and wanted to check out a bruise on my leg. So I pulled my jeans down and stepped out of the stall to check out the back of my leg.

    Sure enough, the door opens and I panic and scurry into the stall with my jeans half down.

    I was too scared to check out who it was. It could have been my boss for all I know.

    Needless to say, I am mortified.

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    You should've looked, you might have got some dick.
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    she could be a girl, you know. women do wear jeans.
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    You know I read the post twice thinking I must of missed something because I found absolutely nothing that was any big deal. Then while starting to reply it hit me; the bathroom was unisex and the one who walked in was of the opposite sex?

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