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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    I grew up with very religious parents. I went to Catholic school from kindergarten on. In my puberty years I experimented with this other girl, we touched each other's boobs, what there was of them. And I touched her between the legs, not just a touch, but a real feel. I felt my first pussy. I tried to her to touch me, but she got scared.

    We never did that again, we remained sort of friends, but that always hung over our heads. But my desire was there. We had a maid, she lived with us and had been with us since we were little. She was sort of plain and never had a boyfriend. One afternoon I went to her room to talk to her and I sat on her bed and kept my legs open. I had taken off my shorts and all I had on was my underwear. I wanted her to look at my pussy. She told me to shut my legs, and I told her I liked having my legs open, I liked how it felt.

    She did look at my pussy. The next opportunity I got to show her my pussy was when I asked her to come to my room to help me with some ironing. I had on a bra but no panties. She picked up my clothes and told me to get dressed, but I followed her out and down to the ironing room, still naked with only my bra on. No one was home, only the two of us, she told me to get dressed, that if anyone found us like that she would get in trouble. I told her I liked how it felt. While she was ironing, I sat on the chair and pulled my legs up and kept them open so she had to look at my pussy.

    She got mad at me and I told her I liked it, having my legs open and that I wanted someone, anyone to take me and fuck me. I was fourteen and I knew about fucking and I wanted someone to just fuck me. I just sat there with my legs as wide open as I could have them in the chair. She couldn't take her eyes off my pussy. I told her to come over and touch my pussy. She got angry, but I told her to come over and touch my pussy and feel me up and to finger me. She obeyed. She had two fingers in me and I had her hand tight in mine. I told her I wanted to see her pussy too.

    I touched her there, and she pulled back, I took her hand out of my pussy and I got on my knees and pushed my face up between her legs, her smell was overpowering, I pushed her back until she fell and I pushed my face between her legs breathing her smell in. I got her skirt up and then put my face into her panties, they were wet and her smell was so strong, I ate her through her panties. I pulled on her panties and she helped me take them off and I ate pussy. I ate her pussy, and then I turned around so I was over her face and she ate my pussy while I ate hers.

    She was all lesbian and my pussy is what she wanted, and she ate me and I ate her and she fingered me and fingered her, and she would hold my face between her naked breasts and I would put my small breast in her mouth and she would suck hard on my nipples and bite me until I had tears in my eyes.

    She had these toys, a couple of rubber penises. We would stick one in each of our pussies and then fuck each other with our hands. And then we would eat pussy.

    I was seventeen when she left, and she left me a gift, a gold chain which I wear often. It is not that I ever loved her like that, but we got it on almost every day. When I think of the smell of pussy, I think of her. Her pussy was amazing, still the best.

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