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    I dated Mara for a month when she asked me to babysit Wendy, her ten year old daughter, for a long three day weekend while she went to her aunt's funeral 3000 miles away.

    When I got back from dropping her off at the airport early that Friday morning I fixed Wendy and myself breakfast. Cereal and fruit was all I had the energy to prepare but Wendy didn't seem to mind.

    Wendy is an incredibly beautiful little girl with long straight silky hair, piercing blue eyes, a delicate pretty face and slender body. I had paid little attention to her in the previous month concentrating on my relationship with her mother. It's not that I don't find little preteens sexy. I have just made a conscious decision not to go there. Fortunately for me, I find adult women just as sexy as little girls.

    I paid attention to her that Friday. She sat there at the breakfast table and reached for a banana. She asked if I wanted to see her special way to peal a banana. I grunted "OK." She put the end in her mouth and bit down on the end then used her lips to grasp the skin and peeled it all off. Once she had stripped the banana naked she looked me in the eye with a sarcastic smirk and proceeded to deep throat the entire thing. This was no small banana. It was as big as they get and she took the whole thing down her throat letting the end disappear as her lips closed behind it. She didn't even gag. Then she slowly let it slide out of her throat and out along her tongue and into her hands. She smiled and showed me the regurgitated banana and said "See? No teeth marks!"

    I didn't know if she had any idea what she was doing but it was the most suggestive thing I've ever seen a preteen girl do.

    She ate her cereal and drank her juice and milk then finished by repeating her trick with the banana each time pointing out the lack of tooth marks before proudly swallowing the entire thing whole. She leaned over the table with her mouth wide open and her head tilted so I could watch it disappear down her throat.

    Wendy helped me clean up the kitchen then went upstairs to play video games. I went on the computer to try to make some money.

    An hour later I heard my named called from upstairs. When I got there Wendy was standing in about the sexiest black lace lingerie I have ever seen any stripper/porn star/centerfold wear. The only thing missing were the panties and a pair of tits. "Do I look sexy in this?" she asked with her head tilted to one side as one of her pigtails coiled on the floor.

    I turned around and told her little girls are not supposed to look sexy. As I was walking out the door I asked if she was trying to get me to raype her. I didn't hear her answer as I rushed down stairs and away from temptation. Had it been legal to do so my cock would have been pumping sperm into her within a minute. But I really wanted to avoid being murdered in prison.

    I didn't hear her follow me. I sat down on the sofa and closed my eyes imagining Jack Nicholson naked in hopes of losing my hard on. Jack was losing the battle.

    I opened my eyes and there she stood standing a foot in front of me with her hands on her hips wearing the exact same black lace bra and matching garter belt, fishnets and black patent pumps. Her lips were defined by blood red lipstick matching her nails. They looked dripping wet. She licked her lips and knelt between my legs and snuggled her fact to my crotch and started humming while rubbing me with her cheek.

    "What are you doing young lady?"

    "Making you hard."

    &quo t;why?"

    "You can't put your dick in my c**t if it isn't hard can you?"

    That is when I lost it.

    I grabbed her by her pigtails and dragged her back upstairs. I dragged her down the hall and into her room and tossed her violently onto the bed. She giggled in response. I stripped myself naked and climbed on top of her. I was as a beast as I first devoured her with my lips and tongue then demanded she treat my cock as she had the banana. She swallowed me whole with a smile on her face. I grasped the back of her skull half hoping she would choke to death on it. She maintained her smile throughout gazing lovingly into my eyes. She held her breath for at least two minutes without the slightest effort to struggle maintaining her smile and eye contact throughout. When I finally pulled out of her throat she growled like a lioness whose meal had been wrested from her mouth.

    I moved down her body and without the slightest ado plunged in as hard and fast as I could. In a second I was all the way in. I could feel her cervix strangling the mid point of my shaft and her uterus straining not to burst from the invasion. Her c**t pulsed as it squeezed my cock. The look of lust on her face was more intense than any I had ever seen on any woman's face. Had you told me she was a demon I would have believed you. I was so aroused that it took me only about two minutes of pumping to fill her with sperm. I normally can last a little longer. With her mother I can go fifteen minutes which usually does the trick. But the arousal and eroticism of the moment was just too intense to withstand any longer. It was by far the best cum in my life. I'm almost fifty and not even my best cum from my teen years which happened when I was fifteen having sex with a 17 year old cheerleader was as good as it was that first time with Wendy. Wendy for her part lay there breathing heavy. Then she opened her eyes and smiled and told me it was her best orgasm ever. I didn't know ten year old girls could have an orgasm much less have one after only two minutes of stimulation. "Leave it in me!" she said when I started to pull out. "I'm going to have to piss soon." I told her and she simply said "I don't care, leave it in." I did and held my piss in as she sucked on first one then the other nipple which incredibly got me hard again in only a few minutes. The last time I could cum so quickly after cumming once I was a teen. But I was hard again and ready to go again. Somehow I was able to contort myself so we could kiss without taking it out and she frantically licked as deeply into my mouth as she could and I tried likewise tasting the banana on her tongue. I started fucking her again plunging in and out more slowly but earnestly this time and fucked her for almost twenty minutes which she later told me resulted in five separate orgasms. I couldn't tell if she really was but she seemed to be enjoying herself.

    This time I pulled out. As soon as I did she got busy licking me clean while she kept her hand between her legs furiously frigging herself.

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    Well you tried to stay strong but it would be nearly impossible with a girl who behaves that way. Not sure if the mother knew or not but that girl has been in ALL the wrong situations with guys.
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    Wendy told me that she had been fondled a lot from her earliest memories by relatives of both genders, her mother and a couple of her mother's boyfriends and it was her older cousin who took her virginity the year before. She told me she couldn't remember there ever being a time that she couldn't turn on in a moment and orgasm a moment later. Her mother, it seems left us alone deliberately hoping I would enjoy "baby sitting" Wendy. There was no dead relative. She spent the weekend at some spa retreat she had read about on the internet.

    I damned near had a heart attack when we picked her up at the airport and little Wendy blurted out "Guess what? We fucked and you're right he IS a good fuck!" What kept me from clutching my chest in horror was when Mara replied with "See I told you!" as she gave my crotch an affectionate squeeze.
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    Will Wendy let you fuck her up the arse? If so, you've found paradise.
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    I've fucked 7 preteen girls, including my two daughters, and they've all had orgasms when I've licked their tiny clits. Three of the girls, and my daughters, have had orgasms when I've been fucking them. My wife has told me that she and her 3 sisters sometimes used to have orgasms when they were only 7 years old when their dad or grandad was fucking them.
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    I first fucked my daughter when she was coming up 8. Her tight bald pussy had me spunking up her in only a few minutes. She's 11 now and we fuck whenever her mum's not around.

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