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    Because of a new much younger male member of staff at our Estate Agents, much more pressure had been put on me to up my sales. He's very handsome and a dynamic sales person, which from what I'd heard was made easier for him, because he sometimes put out for a particular type of client to seal a deal.
    Nine months ago I chose to alter my approach with some of our more regular wealthy clients. Arranging a viewing at a very large private house, I invited two clients I knew might be interested in buying the property. Half way through the pitch, I asked the two men if they'd like to take a break. When one of them asked why, I lead them into the kitchen, sat them down and then stripped in front of them. Before I removed my knickers and bra, I asked both men if they were interested in the property. A gentleman who I know is married and who is in his fifties, said to his business partner "You want to share the profits" His forty eight year old partner nodded his head and a minute later I had one guy licking my pussy as I was sucking on the others cock.
    We stayed at the house nearly the whole afternoon, having all kinds of dirty and wonderful sex. I knew what the deal was worth and I also knew if they provisionally signed for the house that day, I'd be taking a huge bonus from it. Knowing I had no condoms in my bag, I allowed both men to fuck my pussy and arsehole, but only had them cumming up my rear fuck hole. It was such an awesome experience, especially as one of the men had a really thick cock, which had me cumming time and time again. I was made to suck each of their cocks clean, when each man had cum up me. And then got to suck them hard again for another round of fucking me however they wanted. By the time they'd cum up my arse again, I was utterly exhausted sexually.
    Walking into the office later I had a signed agreement to the sale, and my boss couldn't have been more pleased. My only possible regret, was facing my husband later on after he got home from work.
    You see I know myself and I knew I'd eventually tell my husband everything. So instead of waiting, I told him the whole story. Right from the beginning about the younger bisexual sales guy, to having both men spunk up my arsehole twice to obtain a massive sale. Instead of getting angry, my husband got incredibly turned on and had me lay on the sofa. Pulling up my short skirt, and then ripping off my knickers, I was about to tell him I'd not had chance to shower, but he buried his face between my legs. Lifting me up slightly, he began licking away at my pussy, but mostly my arsehole, licking out what remained from the to men's cum. For the next half an hour I had the longest ever cunnilingus performed on me, and my husband couldn't have been any randier. Getting me to lean over the arm of the sofa, he stripped naked, then put his cock to my arsehole and fucked me so hard and so fast, he came within a minute.
    Sat naked talking to him afterwards, I asked him if he was ok with me fucking the clients. These are my husbands exact words "Look honey, you can fuck anyone you like as long as I get to hear about it after you've fucked them". I had no idea he had a fantasy, fetish or whatever you'd call it, but I did a few minutes later when he had me lay on my stomach as he licked out his own cum from my arsehole. Getting up he said "As long as I don't see you do it, I'd love to hear about anyone you fuck in future".
    My new sales approach has worked on many occasions now. I've entertained the two wealthy clients quite a few times over the last nine months, and have had their company singularly too. It's been a roller coaster ride where I only seem to get the thrills of plenty of fucking. And my husband has become a slut to my sexual tales. He really does enjoy me telling him every dirty detail of what the men do to me, and always offers to lick out my pussy and arsehole, which I now make sure the men fill with their cum.
    It all started out as a way of keeping my job and making money. And making lots of money is precisely what I've done. But the added attraction of lots of sex with very virile older men, and a husband who's found a new lease of sexual life, is just perfect for me and for my easy going husband.

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    I want to be with both of you! Very sexy story

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