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    Straight Male / 19

    My girlfriend always talks bad about her friend, who is an absolute WHORE. She'll fuck any guy and do anything, and is so submissive, and it turns me on so fucking badly! My girlfriend has single handedly made me want to fuck her friends brains out, and do what ever I want. Well, for my birthday, she said I could have anything I wanted and I laughed it off, but that night when my party was dying down, I asked if she was serious about what she had said, and when she responded that she was, I pointed to her friend in the kitchen who was getting her stuff to leave. I said that I either wanted to fuck her or have a threesome. So, she gave in (not happily though), and she went and whispered in her friends ear. She looked at me and smiled seductively, and led me upstairs by my finger. What ensued was a night of the craziest sex of my life; threesomes, lesbian sex between the friend and my girlfriend, etc. I even got to fuck the girl in the ass!

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    You lucky Fucker!

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