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    Straight Male / 40

    Had to be a most embarrassing moment for a neighbor that lived a few houses down from me. I'm call to call him Frank, and he seemed like an okay guy. He was married with a 15yo step daughter, her name was Lisa.

    Anyway Frank and I would bs out on the street corner at times, and I noticed one thing about Frank and that was the fact he had a roving eye for his step daughter. We would be in mid conversation and Frank would check her out if Lisa happened to be around. Lisa was 15 years old at the time.

    So one Saturday I go out to cut the grass and I see Frank loading up a small U-haul truck parked at the curb. I really didn't think much of it, thinking a four bedroom house isn't going to fit in that box truck.

    At some point a little while later Frank came down the street and completely ignored my wave as he went by. That was the very last time I ever saw Frank. Several weeks went by and one night after work my wife hit me with the neighborhood gossip.

    It seems Frank really did have a thing for his step daughter, so much so he was going into her bedroom and jerking off into her panties when his step daughter was out of the house. I guess someone got suspicious for some reason and he got caught.

    That must be pretty embarrassing to be caught doing that shit. Anyway I guess he was given the choice to leave or he could explain it all to the Cops.

    I hear this so often these guys doing crazy shit like that. One story I read where the guy liked to leave a bit a cum in his step daughter's panties and put them back in at the bottom of the drawer. Oh no, I'm sure his step daughter wouldn't notice that!!

    So guys, you got a thing for your step daughter? Maybe you should wait till they are legal!!

    Just sayin..........

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