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    Straight Female / 48

    In the summer of 1996 I was offered a job in Laredo for a company with several assembly plants in Nuevo Laredo across the border. Not that it matters, but my job was as a cost accountant, I was 28 at the time and it was my first real job.

    At these offices people were pretty standoffish, I came from Indiana and they were mostly Hispanic Mexicans, although most of them were mutigenerational residents. The only thing these Mexican men liked about me was that I was white, and had blue eyes. Otherwise I was left out of the social circle.

    The only person that paid attention to me was the receptionist, she was my age and had a two year old. She was as the above, Mexican American, spoke English and some Spanish, she was very Mexican looking and she dressed very sensually, with tight shirts, dresses, pants, she had long black hair and pouty lips. To me anyway she was beautiful. She liked to put her arm against mine to compare skin color and she commented incessantly about my colored eyes. One day in the restroom she asked me if she could touch my boobs, she had never held a white woman's boobs. She held my boobs for a few minutes and asked if I wanted to touch hers.

    As I got to know her, she invited me out to eat, and other places, and to meet her sisters. One day she told me that her baby's father was celebrating his 60th birthday and I should go with her, it was a large family and I could meet a lot of men who weren't from work, and that Mexican men liked white blue eyed girls, maybe I could meet one.

    At the party I met lots of people, including her baby's father, who she called Papito. He kissed her and put his hand on her rear and kissed the baby and asked who I was. Still holding her in a hard hug, kissing her cheek he asked me who I was. His comment after looking me over was that I was fine and that he had never had a guerita like me, and that he would enjoy knowing me better. My friend told him to leave me alone, that I was knew to Laredo and I didn't know anyone.

    Along the way my friend introduced several people to me, his sons and daughters, their husbands, wives, girlfriends, children and grandchildren, and his wife and her sister. Everyone commented on my eyes.

    The party was big, there were so many people, and as the night wore on, I talked to a lot of them, his family was made up of children not only from his wife, but from her sister too, both women lived together and between them had eight children. In addition, he had this boy with my friend. My friend, as it turned out was the God daughter of a close friend of his wife.

    During the evening my friend told me that she slept with him at her house, when he wanted to get away.

    After midnight, people were leaving and this man was a bit drunk when he grabbed me, he grabbed me hard and held me and told me he wanted a guerita that night, a guerita with blue eyes and asked me if he was my Papito. There was no getting away, I answered that he was drunk and he should behave. His hand was on my rear, like he held my friend when we first arrived and he told me to give him a kiss, that e was going to be my Papito and that I was going to have a guerito or guetita for him. Although I tried to tell him I wasn't interested, I couldn't get the words out, he was kissing me by then, and his hands were all over my breasts and my rear and he was telling me to call him Papito, and somehow he had walked me back to a bedroom and he was on top of me and he was having sex with me and he kept asking me to call him Papito and that he wouldn't make me pregnant until I called him Papito. I was so far gone, all I wanted for him to do was to finish, so I said I would call him Papito if he finished.

    After that he was my Papito, and when I became pregnant I became part of this extended family, I became pregnant three times, one boy and two girls. My last baby he fathered when he was 67. With my friend, her name is Lucrecia, he fathered another baby and she and I ended up living together in the house next door, which he bought for us.

    We just celebrated his 80th birthday, surrounded by so many children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Everyone calls him Papito, and when he asks me who my Papito is, I tell him and tell him that he stole me and made me fall in love with him. And I ask him if I did good, if he is happy with his gueritos, even if they don't have blue eyes.

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