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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    The last time anything remotely like this happened, I was seventeen and only experimenting with oral sex.
    Back then myself and another teenager from college, took along stroll through a woodland. We knew why we were heading that way and sure enough we both gave each other a blow job to completion.
    Ths time was different in every way. For a start I didn't set out to have sex, it just happened.
    I'm a married man with two kids, yet when a complete stranger asked me if I wanted to fuck him, I found myself in another wooded place driving my cock up his sweet tight white asshole. And this all took place on a golf course yesterday afternoon.
    I was supposed to be playing with a work colleague after taking my family out for a late lunch, but he didn't show up. Thinking I'd get some practice in, I went out on my own. It had gotten fairly late and most if not all of the regulars had been out. I'd gotten the eighth hole and was about to hit my second shot, when I heard a guy calling over to me. Walking over to the tree line I couldn't help but see a young man who was naked except for a pair of sneakers. His cock was hard and he was slowly stroking it. Smiling at me and without any hesitation in his voice he asked me "Would you like to unload up my asshole". It was a very simple question and one I deduced he'd most likely asked before.
    Probably on another day I might have driven the cart back to the club house and reported him, but this wasn't any other day.
    You see during lunch with my family, my wife and I had a quiet word about her refusal of sex the night before. I'd told her when the kids went inside the eatery, I wasn't too happy with her getting me all up for sex the night before and then deciding she didn't want any. Her answer was blunt and not very kind. My wife told me if I didn't like it, have a wank.
    Looking at the young man (I later found out he was eighteen) and his hard cock, plus his slim body and tight looking ass, I found myself moving the cart right into the tree line, and walking over to him. He dropped to his knees straight away and had my cock out in no time. I've been sucked off by lots of women in the past and that college friend of mine, but no one has come close to what that young man was like yesterday. He licked and sucked on my cock as if his life depended on pleasuring me completely, and boy did he do that.
    Maybe five minutes later with my cock bursting to let go, he told me to hold off. Moving over to a pile pf clothing and backpack, he brought a tube of something and a condom. He unfurled the condom down my cock and then turning around faced and held onto a tree, but not before he'd smeared his asshole with the lube he'd gotten out of his bag. Tossing me the lube he said "Please use it, I've only been fucked once before"
    So my deduction he'd said it to lots of guys was wrong.
    Standing right up to him and holding onto his shoulders I put my cock head to his rear hole and thrust in. He arched back and told me to slow down. But my dick wanted to be in him and I drove in even deeper. He squealed a little and then went silent. Holding my cock still up his ass for as few seconds, his asshole relaxed and I could feel and hear him relax too. Waiting no longer I began to fuck that young man, and I took out all the previous evenings frustration out on his beautiful ass.
    One minute, two minutes, then a third of grinding his asshole. The nhe turned his head and said "Go for it, really give it to me, I want you to". Red rag to bull, green light for go, or just get the fuck on with it. It was all the same in my head and my cock, and I did just that. I slammed my dick as hard and as deep as I could, and that young guy took it all. Not only did he take it, but he began to back onto me forcing my cock ever deeper into his body. He was grunting loudly and without telling me he was near, his cock erupted all over the tree in front of him.
    Wrapping my arms around him I held him tight to me, just before my cock exploded and I came hard, filling the condom up his cute, sweet and well fucked asshole.
    We stood like that for a minute or so, My cock still inside of him. Then he asked me if I'd possibly see him again. Withdrawing my cock, I let him know I was married, thinking he might not want to be involved with a married guy. His response was "I know, your wedding band". " I had a blonde moment and said "Oh fuck yeh, then the answer is when and where".
    Facing each other he stepped to me, and for the first time in my life I kissed a guy like I'd kissed many many women, passionately and with desire. After we stopped kissing, I watched him get dressed as I too got myself together, and offered to give him a lift. But he pointed through the tree's and told me he lived two hundred yards through the woodland.
    Tomorrow after work, I'm picking him up and have already booked a motel room for us to have sex (Great these smart phones). Telling my wife I've got a late appointment at the dentist, I'm going to see just how hard the young man I know as Alex, can take my cock pounding him.

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