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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    I remember as a young boy discovering how to pleasure myself in private. Stroking my young hard dick and even fingering my ass which felt very good. It felt so good that I even tried sticking other things in my ass and liked how it felt when I worked something in and out of my tight young asshole. Some times locked in the bathroom after a shower I would turn my back to the mirror and look over my shoulder so I could see something sticking in my ass.
    The very first time I came was with a fat magic marker all the way up my ass with just the cap sticking out and the first thing I did was drag my finger thru my cum on my stomach and taste it. Not only did I taste it but I ate every drop of my cum and I ate my own cum many times after that and when I had the privacy I liked to put something in my ass then lay on my back with my knees on each side of my head and jack off in my mouth and swallow my cum.
    It didn`t take me long to figure out that my slick cum made a good lube for my ass and made it much easier to stick things in my ass. I discovered Vaseline and Baby oil soon after that. Since we lived out in the country I found a lot of places to go and hide and play with my ass. Some of these places were hidden well enough that I could take off all my clothes and really enjoy it.
    I was curious so I tested my limits and tried a lot of things. Some were just too big and hurt too much but found out that if I took it slow I could take things pretty long in my ass. I figured out how to tie things to a small tree or anything else that I could back up to and guide them in to my ass then fuck myself in the ass while I jacked off. I couldn`t stop doing this and didn`t want to.
    I will never forget the day my cousin caught me doing this in the bathroom at my house. He and I are the same age and we were at my house one summer day while my parents were both at work. I was so horny and wanted something in my ass so bad I told him I was going to take a shower. I took a shower like I told him and once I got out I reached under the bathroom sink way in the back and got out my favorite little plastic tube put a little Vaseline on the tip of it then held it down on the side of the bathtub and lowered my asshole down letting it slip in to my ass. Once it was all the way in I started working my ass up and down on the tube fucking my ass like I did often.
    I never checked the door but thought it was locked. Well it wasn`t and my Cousin busted in on me and was standing in the door looking at me and saw me fucking myself in the ass. Right away he started asking what I was doing and once I jumped up he saw the tube in my hand that had just been stuck in my ass. He asked a million question and was talking so fast I didn`t have time to answer them and he wasn`t mad he was just curious and wondering why I was doing what I was doing.
    He calmed down and after all the excitement was over we talked about it and he listened as I tried to explain things to him. To my shock and surprise he asked if I would do it again so he could watch me. It took him awhile to talk me in to doing this but finally I said I would. He really wanted to see me do this and once I put the tube on the side of the tub again then lowered my ass down on it he wanted to get a better view and stepped in to the tub behind me and leaned down so he could see the tube go in and out of my ass. Minutes later I felt his hand touch my ass then he held the tube for me and was rubbing my back and ass as he watched me fuck myself in the ass.
    I thought he was enjoying it way too much and he pushed me forward with his hand on my upper back and had e bent forward and now he was working the tube in and out of my ass for me then I heard him breathing harder and really working the tube in and out of my ass good and I was jacking myself off when I felt something warm shooting on my ass and my back. He was shooting his cum on me and it felt so good I came all over the bathroom floor.
    After he finally took the tube out of my ass and we started to speak he told me that was fun and he wouldn`t mind doing it again some time. Since he knew I liked it and every thing was OK between us I told him it was OK with me if we did it again. Later on I got out a towel and put it on the couch then laid face down and he knelt between my legs and I spread my ass cheeks for him to stick my favorite wooden spoon handle in my ass. He seemed to enjoy it as much as I did and he asked what else I liked to use. I told him I would go get a few things if he wanted me to so he let me up and with the spoon hanging out of my ass I went a got several other things that I often used.
    I laid there on the couch and let him fuck my ass with several things and he jacked off on me twice. He was spending the night and we knew we had all the next day to play some more. Late that night back in my room we had to be very quiet but he used a magic marker on me and jacked off on my ass. The very next day as soon as my parents left for work we were both naked and I was bending over the back of the couch while he was fucking me with the wooden spoon again.
    I knew he liked playing with my ass and it felt good to me too so I just asked him if he wanted to take the spoon handle out of my ass and try it with his dick. He asked if I was serious and I told him sure go ahead and try it. The spoon came out and right away I felt the head of his dick touch my asshole and it went right in pretty easy. He was holding on to my hips and started to work his dick in and out of my ass telling me how good it felt and I told him I really liked it a lot too. Next thing I know he is asking me if he can cum in me. I really didn`t think he should do that but he kept asking so I told him to go ahead and cum in me. When he did it felt great and I was glad I told him to cum in me. After that he wanted to fuck me all the time and we did it every time we could.
    It was his idea later on but I had to go first but we sucked each others dicks one night out behind the barn and he came in my mouth with me on my knees and his hands on the back of my head forcing his dick In t my mouth when he came. I swallowed his cum and licked his dick and balls. Not long after that he was on his knees sucking my dick and I forced him to swallow my cum like he did me earlier. He fucked me countless times when we were young boys and there were several times this one other boy joined us and I let both of them fuck me and two different times I had one in my ass and sucking the other one and got them both off each time.
    He and I are in our early 30`s now and live far apart but three or four times a year we see each other and always slip off to suck each others dick and he will fuck me in the ass and shoot a couple of loads in me like back in the good old days. No one knows and we both still enjoy it very much. Our wives don`t suspect a thing and it`s just good sex between us.

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