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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    It has been 15 years since this happened and it is the strangest thing ever. I was 15 spending the night at my best friends house. His Parents were out partying and would not be home for hours. He and I were looking at his Dad`s dirty magazines with just shorts and a T shirt on. Out of the blue he said. "We have been best friends for years and I know you are as horny as I am" I said "Sure I `m real horny why"
    He looked art me then said "Don`t get pissed or take this the wrong way but let`s get naked and get each other off some how" I said OK !" real fast then asked him how? He said I`ll suck you if you suck me! We just started taking off our clothes and were on his bed in a few seconds jacking each other off like we had been doing it for years and still talking about sucking each others dicks. We turned so that we could suck each others dicks at the same time and got started. The only thing was is we were so excited that we both came pretty fast and didn`t even try to stop and both came right in each others mouths and it was pretty messy since neither of us wanted to swallow it.
    We went to clean up and were still pretty hot and I don`t even know why I said it or where it came from but standing side by side at the bathroom sink we were looking in the mirror at each other talking and laughing and I just asked him if he would fuck me. It got real quiet then he asked if I was serious. I said I was and then told him that I had used my finger and even tried it with a hair brush handle and it felt good.
    He wasted no time telling me he wanted to if I really wanted to. I then asked if he knew where some Vaseline was because I had used some before with the hair brush handle because it wouldn`t go in without it. He got some from under the sink and we hurried off to his room to see if he could fuck my ass.
    We both lubed up and I just laid face down and he knew what to do. He was on top of me in no time holding his hard dick to my tight asshole and when he stuck it in me I couldn`t help but stick my ass up and take him in a little deeper and he did the rest by shoving it all the way up my ass and he started to fuck me. Damn it felt good to and I could tell he liked it too so I started to talk to him telling him to keep going he started going faster shoving his dick in me harder and harder then all of the sudden I felt his cum in my ass. One warm spurt after the other until his nuts were empty and he just kept ramming his dick up my ass between breaths he kept telling me he was going to fuck me some more. I told him to go ahead don`t stop now and he really fucked me good making me cum all over myself and his cum was between my legs as he shot a second load up my ass then rolled off of me both of us breathing very hard and cum running out of my well fucked ass.
    We finally spoke and agreed a nice hot shower would be great so we showered together and while we talked about what had just happened we both started to get hard again and I couldn`t help but asked if he would like to cum in me again. He said sure when can we do it again. I said lets dry off and fuck some more. He said let`s do it then he said lets go in my parents room in front of the mirror so we can watch. I said OK and we ran to their room and I got on my hands and knees and positioned myself so I could watch him fuck my ass. I saw him grab his hard dick and touch it to my asshole then push it right up my ass then watched him fuck my ass for a very long time the he said he was going to cum in me and he did.
    When he took his dick out of my ass I pointed my ass towards the mirror and looked between my legs and we both watched his cum drip out of my asshole and we both laughed a little. Just before his Parents got home I was bent over the side of his bed and he was fucking me again and just as he came in my ass we heard the garage door open and he emptied his nuts in my ass quickly pulled out and we threw our shorts on and jumped in the bed acting like we were asleep when his Mom came to look in on us.
    That night started several years of sex between he and I and it was always very good and no one ever knew a thing.

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