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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    This actually happened when I was 22 years old. I've only told a couple of people who think it is extremely erotic and it should be shared - anonymously.

    I won't bore you with the details as to what lead to my dad divorcing my mom after 23 years. It was nasty, lots of things came out and I was in the middle, as I am an only child. It was between my Junior and Senior year at college when dad decided it was time to start a new life (one which included sex). Knowing it was also hard on my dad promised me a trip to Europe of I graduated with academic honors, as I did.

    Three days after graduation we left for Greece where we took a number of tours before striking out on our own - it was marvelous. The last night in Greece dad and I were in a bar and this gorgeous Greek with long flowing black hair did her best to r**e my dad in my presence. She even offered to take on both me and dad but we declined as she was just too damn pushy. On our way back to the hotel we talked about how overt she was and how open she was to having i****t sex with a dad and his son. We were at the hotel bar having a night cap before we turned in as we were to depart for Italy the next afternoon. Dad was drunk and I was buzzing big time when dad said, she had him so turned on he was a ready to let her blow him right there in that other bar. I said, so now your going to corrupt your only child by getting a blow job in front of him. Dad said, your damn right and then she could have blown you. We laughed as we left for our room.

    Dad was laying on his bed in his white jockeys when I came back from the bathroom in my white jockeys and laid down on my bed. Dad said, I am not going back to the state without some sex, so something has to happen in Italy even if I have to buy it. I said, you don't have to baby sit me, so whenever you get the opportunity or want to go solo go for it. Dad said, after watching that bitch rub my crotch like she did in front of you I don't think you'd been upset has she blown me. I said, absolutely not. A hard dick has no conscience. Dad raise his head as he opened the waist bank on his jockeys and said, Mr Dick, you don't have a conscience when your soft, do you? With his right hand he groped his dick on his shorts and replied in a difference tone, I just want some attention - pussy, head, ass or your hand, David. Dad said, Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters were my best friend for 15 years and they never have a head or a religious excuse not to help a brother with a heavy load. Dad set on the aide of his bed, facing me, and said, I need to go to bathroom this thing needs attention. Dad stood up but his legs were wobbly so he set back down.

    I had never thought of my dad in a sexual way until that night as I watched a very forward women rub all over him including rubbing his crotch. I mean when they danced she mad sure her legs were on each side of dad's leg so he could feel her pussy and she made no bones about rubbing her stomach on his crotch. I saw my dad's hard outlined in his tan shorts and it was turning me on. My dad had no idea I was bi and that I preferred dick to pussy. Dad laid back on the bed but his legs were still hanging off and I could see the outline of his semi hard dick in his white jockeys. His black curly leg hairs and treasure trail accentuated his tidy whities. I was hard as a rock an d experiencing so many emotions I didn't know what to do.

    My dad was showing a nice bulge and he wasn't good and hard and I could tell as I was not sitting on the side of my bed looking really close at dad's crotch. I called his name but he didn't respond so I took the gamble an d reached for his dick. I slowly rubbed my dad's hardening cock through his jockeys and it was getting up there. My heart was pounding a thousand mile a minutes and I thought it would burst out of my chest. Several times I set back on my bed as I was experiencing second thoughts - I mean that is my dad. I knew he wasn't homophobic and knew dad had some gay friends and one gay cousin who he was close too. I had decided I would stop when dad reached down with his right hand and began to massage his dick. After a couple of minutes he placed his hand under his waist band pushing his jockeys down exposing the most gorgeous dick I have ever seen. Mine was a mirror image in thickness, length and the big mushroom head.

    I set back on the side of my bed as my dad began to jack his dick, real slow. I thought for a second I was going to cum without touching myself. Dad began to moan and roll his head from side to side and I slipped to the floor on my knees between his legs to get a better view. Dad licked the palm of his hand and rubbed it over this cock head and moaned real loud. Then dad began to talk nasty and kinky things I was so close to him that I knew he felt my breath because he said, suck it for me. Like it like a candy cane while you massage my nuts. Then, he called my name and said, its okay if you don't want to play with it...and it's great if you do. I was frozen as dad pulled himself up on the bed in a sleeping position and began to stroke his cock. I pushed my jockey's off and set up on the side of my bed as I began to stroke my cock.

    I looked and my dad's head was turned toward me, his eyes open and he was smiling. He told me to stand up and walk to the side of his bed, which I did. My dad reached for my dick and guided it to his mouth. He licked the head, the shaft, my balls as he pulled me over him - sitting on his chest. He raised his head and took my dick into his mouth and the instant the head hit the back of his mouth I blew with such intensity it felt like electricity running from the bottoms of my feet, up the back of my legs, back and to my head. I thought I was going to pass out and my body quivered as I collapsed onto my dad's face.

    Once I composed myself I pulled my semi hard dick out of dad's mouth as he laid me beside him. Dad knelt at my head and I took his cock in my mouth and in about 3 or 4 strokes dad let out a torrent of cum down my throat as his body shook just like mine. Dad said it was the most intense orgasm of his life and I know it was for me. I lay in my dad's arms and fell asleep. I was awakened with my dad in a 69 position sucking my dick with his right at my mouth, which I opened most willingly and we busted a nutt again.

    Never in my life had I considered my dad as a sexual object even though he is one handsome man and a great sex partner. Neither of us meant for that to happen but it did and we have no problem with it. Dad and I live in the same town not far from each other and get together often for a one-on-one, we like 3 ways with other jock men and we have also shared pussy. We are very guarded as to how we bring into our dad and son activities but those who do say its the most intense, satisfying sex of their lives.

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    A similar situation happened to me and my older brother when we were at the beach. We were both drunk enough for him to fuck the girl in our room in front of me. Then I got her doggy and he laid his head on her ass looking right at my cock going in and out. Next thing I knew my brother moved his tongue and licked the top of my dick and her ass hole. They he told me to lay on my back and she set on my dick facing me and he licked her ass while She ride my dick. When I felt his hand grab my balls I blew big time. She went to the bathroom and when she closed the door he took my dick in his mouth. When she left my brother gave me the best blow job of my life. It took awhile before I returned the favor. We are both married and have sex as often as we can get time away from our families.

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