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    Straight Male / 25

    **TRUE STORY, NO FABRICATION** Well this isn't really about when "I" was a kid, but actually my wife. You see, we have been together a long time though we have only been married a little while and we have really kinky sex (lots of toys, age play, role play, threesomes etc.) during which it was/is a fetish of mine to have her tell me about how her past lays have treated her. My wife is smoking hot mind you. 5'4 brunette with D tits and thick (not fat) thighs and a wonderfully curvy ass. So I like to know all of the nasty details about how men used her holes and she obliges. She has been gang-banged multiple times (a couple of those were forced -- seriously hot stories for another post) and overall just really treated like a whore by everyone she has ever fucked and I love it.

    The reason I got on here to confess is as follows. A couple of years ago, while my wife (back then she was still my girlfriend) and I were fucking, she told me she had something to tell me that she never had before. While I was pumping her I felt my cock instantly get a little harder as I pried and tried to get her to divulge this new information. She started by saying she first got fucked in junior high which damn near made me loose my load right there. Then, as I struggled to keep myself from finishing I asked her by who; and she just sort of turned her head to the side and continued to let me use her holes any way I pleased as was usual, but I knew from her silence that when I pulled the answer from her it was going to be good... Little did I know.

    So I started by simple elimination. I asked "was it a student?" and when she shook her head no I was seriously struggling and trying hard not not to cum thinking of her 12/13 year old self being curious about cock and being shown the ropes by a teacher at her school! So I had to confirm it with her. I asked "so it was a teacher baby?" while I was slowly pushing my shaft all the way into her tight pussy and she gave me these ashamed and pouty eyes and nodded her head yes. At that moment I let out an involuntary groan and told her she was such a little slut (she likes that sort of thing) and then I could NOT wait to get the details. I had to know everything right there.

    I said "ohh god baby, was it just one time he fucked you?" and she said no... If you are reading this you have to understand how fucking hard it was not to cum listening to her recount her sexual experience with her teacher in junior high.. But I held on. And I continued to probe. As it turns out her account was fucking unbelievable, the kind of thing fantasies are made of (if your into that sort of thing). Her teacher (I found out later her was her math tutor) had his fucking way with her.

    She told me that every day after school she would walk to his class for tutoring and he would make it so that she was the only one. Oh I forgot to mention how he was even able to get away with this. Her mom was a teacher at a neighboring school and he knew that and took advantage of the fact he KNEW no one would be there to pick her up until at least 2 hours after school let out. I cannot stress how lucky that guy was. He had one of the classrooms with a bathroom in it and thats where they started getting nasty. It all started one day when she arrived and sat down and noticed she was the only one there. He called her over to his desk and literally, no bullshit, stood up and walked behind her and got to it. It was pajama day at school and he pulled her pants down to look at her ass and panties (words cannot describe my envy). She got scared but he told her to keep quiet and she obeyed. My wife is a really submissive person and its very apparent so I'm sure it was total cake to get her the way her wanted her. This guy did everything, lucky motherfucker..

    She said the first day he did not actually fuck her. I guess he was feeling out his new territory and what he could get away with. When he had her ass out on pajama day he pulled her panties to the side and sniffed and started licking her ass and pussy (I was a fan of this guy from the beginning). She said it mainly just felt weird, but she knew she didn't have a choice.. so hot. Anyway, then he walks her to the bathroom and takes her pants completely off. I asked my wife what her pussy looked like back then. She said she hadn't shaved yet (my fucking favorite ever) and she was hairy. I have seen pictures of her from junior high and its no wonder her tutor wanted to suck and fuck her brains out; she was thick with tits since twelve!! SO FUCKING HOT. Continuing on, scene: bathroom with pants down. Her tutor is sucking her pussy and ass and she is just taking it with no resistance. Then he stands up and takes his cock out.

    I asked my wife if she like his cock and how big it was. She said she like looking at it as it made her excited and she liked holding it. Also that she couldnt wrap her hand around it.. He taught her how to hold it and stroke it like a good girl. And he taught her what cum is. He told her to open her mouth and he blew his load into her mouth and she gagged on his cum. it ran down her face and chin. At 12/13 with hot cum on her face. Dear God. Then she said that he cleaned her up, which was something that he always did even in their later encounters.

    This was the beginning of a new era for my wife in school. Every day she would finish class and head to her math tutors room where he would be waiting for her. She said that literally any position you can think of he did to her. He would slowly strip her and have her model in her panties or in something special he would bring her to wear and take pictures of her both in panties and naked in all kinds of sexy positions. The crazy thing is how submissive she said she was. Just did whatever he fucking wanted. He would smell her thongs and jack off in front of her, 69 her, suck her ass, fat tits, and pussy and have naughty nasty sex with her somkin hot 12/13 year old body. I literally still masturbate to the thought of it and I've known for years now. I love to get out one of our big dildos and make her show me how she treated his cock when she was 13.

    FYI the reason I keep on with the "/" age is because he fucked her alll through 7th grade, then FOUND her at the start of 8th and made sure she did the same thing the WHOLE next year. literally had her body 3 to 5 times a week for nearly two fucking years. No wonder my wife is such a dirty whore in bed. I seriously owe this guy lol.

    To those still reading, it gets more awesome. My wife told me that sometimes she would have to take more than one and I could not believe it. I asked her to clarify and she said that he (her tutor) would bring in this guy to fucking double team her or so that he could watch her fuck this other guy and jack off on her. She said they made her ride them both all the time and jack them both and the same time and they would even cum in her pussy. I guess he must have been snipped or something. But these lucky bastards made her their little sex slut for the whole damn school year. I LOVE thinking about my 13 year old wife in a lacy thong he bought her pulled to the side riding one older man and sucking on the other. Jesus it still gets me hard just thinking about it.

    Anyway I had to share this as Ive known for almost 4 years and I still get off to all the shit she did for those teachers in school. And in regards to the naked pics he took, I have seriously thought to try and find the guy because I know he still has them on some thumb drive probably and I would pay good money to see my 13 year old wife with her unshaved pussy in sexy panties with her tits out or sucking a dick or whatever he made her do. First post on here, but it wont be the last. She has told me many hot as fuck stories about junior high while we fucked and I will share them with you all.

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    My current love interest is a luscious blue eyed brunette who, under the influence of alcohol, confessed to being forced into a situation where she gave multiple blowjobs to a small group of guys at an isolated campsite while her children slept inside there nearby tent. I was hard as can be while trying to act like the sympathetic partner I wasn't. When she continued on about being gagged and positioned over top of one guy with his dick in her pussy as another entered her asshole I had had enough and pulled out my cock which she devoured instantly as her pussy was drenched indicating she was just as aroused as I was. Her first husband also took photos of her with his and some of his friends dicks in her mouth and blackmailed her into an ass to mouth fuck every time she went to pick up her child support money. Man. what I would give to see those photographs as she has the a beautiful face and can deepthroat with the best of them.
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    Please continue to write the rest of your encounters.
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    To OP. Very hot story, plz. continue. What makes you think your wife does not have some photos ? and or How to find this guy.
    I would have said your post was BS. But My first wife who I still see. Started yng too. But she kept a very explicit diary that she read to me. And no BS she had a shoe box full of Polaroids
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    OP here. @@comment #1: That is really hot and sounds like exactly how I feel when my wife tells me things of that nature. @@ comment #3: I'm presently working on the next post and I know for a fact that my wife does not have any photos of herself being m****ted. Also, I know who the guy is. I actually went to the same junior high my wife did, I was just one year ahead. He is still teaching in a school across town... Which is why it is so tempting to reach out to him.. I just haven't figured out how to do it without spooking him. And also, do you have ANY of the old polaroids???
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    Very hot story! Please continue to post them as she tells you.
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    OP here, I know I haven't delivered on the extra stories, but I will soon. I have a few polaroids that were taken when she was 12 and 13 of her in a bikini (she was trying to do modeling) and her body is ridiculous. I am going to post them in a random drop box and provide the link so you guys can look at her body and tell me what you think
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    When are you going to posted to dropbox
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    And your story reminds me of what my ex-girlfriend told me happened to her in Elementary school. Love those kinky girls
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    My girlfriend told me that her first sexual encounter was when she was ten and it was with her 4th grade teacher. He would keep her after school because she needed extra help in math. (what is it about math teachers?). He had his hands all over her but in a gentle affectionate way. He was young and good looking in his late twenties. She showed me her class photo with him in it.

    She told me that he would hug her and kiss her when she grasped a new concept or passed a difficult test. That evolved to putting his hand on her inner thigh and eventually he would just slip his hand inside the front of her panties and massage her there while he explained something to her or went over a problem with her. She told me that it felt so good that she deliberately acted dumb just so he would spend extra time rubbing her down there. That evolved to having her sitting in his lap at his desk with his hand inside her panties to eventually just having her sit there with no panties on at all while they made out. She said she thought of him as a secret boyfriend and loved every moment she spent with him but he only taught at that school for one year and it only started half way through the year so she had about 5 months of what she described as heaven.

    She told me that the next sexual encounter was the following year with an 8th grade boy of 14. She was 11. He taught her how to suck dick and he ate her out. She taught him how to kiss. When she was 12, another math teacher took her virginity. She said it was down hill after that and that high school sucked. She didn't go on a single date. She got so desperate that she started to ask boys out and even offered them sex if they would take her out and still no luck. She was born with a deformity that does not affect how pretty she is but her left leg never grew past the knee. High school can be cruel.
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    Ok guys, here they are. Tell me what you would do (imgs are in no way explicit or illegal)

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    h* ****/filefactory.**m/file/5auo z07f1iub/IMG_0149.JPG

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