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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I took my wife's 26 year old and at least mild retarded nephew to the movies on a Monday night because she worked and I had a plan. The theater is not crowed on Mondays and there was only 4 other people there besides us. I picked a seat all the way in the back row in the middle just under the projector, after the movie got going I reached over and started scratching his crotch through his jeans, he protested for a second but I continued anyhow after a while I could feel his shaft harden and he laid his head back with his mouth agape.

    I know he was enjoying it now so I unzipped his jeans and struggled a bit but got his dick out and stroked it very gently and spit on my hand to lube it rubbing and diddling with that startlingly impressive fat cock,. I couldn't believe it, "WHAT a nice d*ck" and its in my greedy hands. I jacked him off slowly and softly until he couldn't take it anymore he started breathing harder and shuddering squeezing his thighs together and I knew he was about to bust nut so I slipped down on the floor and started flicking that head with my tongue.

    I was jacking him off and licking the head as he started to pre cum so I had to have it so I put the head in my mouth and I sucked only the head like I was in love it I gobbled that fat fucker in my mouth and sucked that pre cum and probably moaned with delight as he started to bust a load in my very hungry mouth M M m m m m I moaned as he is spurting a heavy load into my mouth I had to swallow a load to keep from choking, but thankfully he is still loading me with that sweet nectar and I am not going miss a drop of it slurping on that fat dick as long as he will let me. when he was done I sat up next to him and didn't say a word, I couldn't I still had a good load of that young cum in my mouth I was savoring it as long as I could stand we sat and watched the movie and I sat there and in total bliss enjoying that sweet spunk tasting it as long as I could make it last it was so tasty I can't wait for next Monday I have plans....

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    So, I guess you're a ra pist then?
    27 days ago

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