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    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay, this has to be up there with one of my most embarassing moments.

    Saturday night, I had this wierd dream, I was playing baseball with my brother and a kid he used to go to school with, named Ted. Pretty innocuous dream.

    Sunday, I saw Ted at church (haven't seen him in maybe 6 months, so the timing was wierd). So I told him I had this dream of he and my brother playing baseball, we giggled, that was it.

    On my way out of church, I said goodbye to him, and he tells me "Hey, keep dreaming", and then gives me this look; he's checking out my butt (my interpretation anyway), and the look in his eyes looks like "hmmm, nice" :) Well, it's been a LONG time since a guy looked at me like that, and I got a little flustered. I just smiled at him and turned around to head out, only I'm not at the walkway like I thought, I'm about 2 inches to the right of it.

    I caught the railing right in my hip, lurch forward, grab the railing with my right hand, and proceed to do a midair flip, skirts and coffee flying everywhere, and land flat on my ass.

    So I'm on the ground, pulling my skirt down. By now, I know my underwear (at least they were sexy undies) has been spotted by at least Ted, and possibly the guy he was talking to. I have tears pouring down my face I was laughing so hard. Ted and his friend came running down to see if I was okay (I managed to only scrape my ankle), Ted offered me a hand up and I couldn't look him in the eye at that point, I was laughing so hard at myself.

    So there, you go, how to go from feeling sexy to being an asshole in 3.5 seconds :)

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