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    Straight Male / 45

    Some of you might think this is bad, I believe she is my ex-wife but younger.

    I haven't seem my step-daughter ever since her mom and I split up. I moved to another state so I can start my life over and thinking every thing would be fine. That didn't work out, I am still living alone and have girlfriends here and there but nothing serious. I keep in touch with my step-daughter through out the years and sent her birthday cards, Christmas cards and we chat on the phone so on and so on. She moved out of the house with her boyfriend and they were living together for a period of time until one day she kick her out and never want to see her again. I guess it was a big fight and it got so bad the cops show up.

    She called me and told me about the fight and she doesn't want to moved back in with her mom and have no place to go. She asked if she can come to live with me and start her life over like me. I told her is okay with me but I haven't see you for almost 10 years. She said I haven't change much but I have grown to be a woman now.

    I got her a plane ticket to fly out to be with me. When I pick her up at the airport I couldn't recognize her, but she recognize me. We got into the car, she said, she was hungry so we stop by the restaurant and ate. On the way to my place she told me what happen, her boyfriend abuse her a lot and she doesn't want to see him anymore. She want someone to respect her, treat her like a lady and not just a person to be in bed. I told her I can understand that and the whole time I was looking at her chest and she realize I was doing that. She said daddy do you like my boobs. I said I never knew you have such a larger boobs. She said is implant and my boyfriend give me that on my 21st birthday. I said you never told me that when I talk to you all this time. She said is not something I would tell my dad but suddenly she lift up her blouse and bra to show me her boobs. My mouth drop and I didn't know what to do but to say is very nice and firm.

    After two weeks of living with me I told her lets go out and have some fun. We went out to breakfast, movies, lunch, dinner and we end up going to the local bar for few drinks just to end the day. I didn't know she can out drink me and we were having fun laughing, talking, giving high fives and pushing each around. At one point she planned a kiss on my mouth and I return a kiss back later but this time she open her mouth and start tongue kissing. I couldn't resist and start doing the same then we end up hugging each other while we were kissing.

    She got so loud in the bar we got kick out, she was getting out of control. On the way home she removed her top exposing her boobs to me and said daddy you told me you like these and I said yes they are nice. She said I want to touch and squeeze them, so I did. She enjoying so much she reach over to unzip my pants and pull out my cock and start sucking it. I said what are you doing you are my daughter, she replied back, I am your step-daughter and is okay. She was giving me blowjob the whole time we were going home. I end up taking the long route because I wanted to cum in her mouth and I did. She swallow it all my cum and said daddy you tasted a lot better than my boyfriend. We got home and she said daddy I want you to fuck me my pussy is wet and I need a hard cock. So I fuck her that night, it was great.

    The next day she said am I a bad girl daddy. I said no you are an adult and you do whatever it pleases you. She said, daddy you please me all the time, you treat me the way I wanted to be treated and can I stay here as long as I want? I said yes sure why not. She smile and said great but I want to sleep in the same bed with you is that okay. I stare at her and kind of shock but she said we being fucking so what is the different. I said you got a point.

    So I been fucking my step-daughter for over a month now and one day she came up to me and said, she is pregnant with my baby. I am about to freak out and said I though you were on your pills. She said she had forgotten to take it while we were having sex. I said okay, lets not get excited here and we need to tell your mom. She said why do we need to, I am an adult I can do whatever I want. Okay you have a point. After we all calm down I said we will raise this child together, because I don't believe in abortion.

    Now we are taking care of this baby together and plan on getting marry, because she want to be with me the rest of her life. The good thing came out of this is she reminded me of her mom, she was just like that when she was young. We were always having fun either in the bedroom or anywhere else, sex with her was never a dull moments. We would always try to find a place just to have sex. She is horny all the time and now I have her, we fuck and fuck until we are tired and roll over to bed.

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