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    Five nights back I visited my mother in laws house with my wife. Unfortunately my wife was called into work (She works at a hospital) Myself and Maggie, my mother in law, emptied four bottles of wine and then stupidly played a game of cards to see who would flash the other their sex. I won, and Maggie got all horny after not only flashing me her pussy and arse, but also played with her clit.
    In her lounge on her couch I ended up tonguing my mother in law's dripping pussy, then banging the fuck out of her as I bent her over the arm of the sofa. Screwing her pussy was real nice, but Maggie was as I discovered, a real dirty bitch and soon had me fucking her arsehole.
    My wife hates anal sex, so to have Maggie allowing me to fuck her arse was amazing and so fucking horny. I was that wound up exually when I came up her arsehole, I stayed rock hard and carried on fucking her until she screamed the house down when she climaxed. No sooner than she'd calmed down and had me pull out, the horny bitch had me lay on the couch as she sat over my face. Lowering herself onto my face, my mother in law had me lick her pussy and arsehole out, until she came again and I'd practically sucked in all my own spunk and swallowed it.
    Getting a text from my wife to say she'd sorted out what she needed to at work, and that she was on her way back to her mums, Maggie said "We've got half an hour". Dragging me upstairs, Maggie first sucked on my cock until I got hard again, had me lay down on her bed, then mounted my cock, fucking herself silly whilst having me play hard with her large tits.
    She came again only seconds before I shot my second load into her. And we'd only just got ourselves together by the time my wife pulled up in her car.
    It was all I could do, not to laugh when my wife asked us if we'd entertaining ourselves whilst she'd been gone.
    Back home, my wife was amorous, so instead of fucking her telling her I was too drunk, I tongued and licked my second pussy of the night, making her cum twice before she finaly down to sleep.
    The next morning Maggie text me to say she was sorry and that it was because of the drink. But she also added "The sex was fantastic".
    The weekend after halloween, my wife is at a conference to do with her work. She's asked her mother over to stay that weekend. (I genuinely didn;t know until this afternoon). Maggie text me earlier "Can't wait until I stay over, you get the wine, I'll bring my pussy and arsehole xxx".
    Not only do I feel guilty, but I also feel incredibly horny for my mother in law. But if I do fuck her again when she stays at our home, will that mean she'll want to have sex every time we have time to fuck. Don't get me wrong she's one damn fine looking woman and a dirty bitch to boot. Yet how the hell do I keep two women on the go, especially as they're mother and daughter.

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