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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 29

    There's a mnager who works in a different department to me, but who often covers for other managers when they're on leave. He's the type of guy who thinks he's gods gift to women, and also thinks he's some sort of hard man. Because of his position and his attitude, he likes to bully the younger staff, but generally steers clear of me. Only just before Xmas last year he made it pretty clear he was going to try and make my life hell, when he fucked up an order and tried to blame it all on me.
    Because it was our companies 25th year in business, they held a large Christmas party. And at the party the little shit (Sorry forgot to mention that's what I now call him) brought his wife. Meeting her when I arrived, we both smiled at each other and made out we didn't know one another. When in fact only five weeks before the party, I'd met a really good looking woman in a pub where I was having my lunch in. Cutting all the long boring bits out, she asked me if I had time to walk the couple of hundred yards to her house.
    In the hallway of her home, she sucked on my cock growing before closing the front door. Practically dragging me upstairs once she knew I had a large cock, we first had oral sex in a 69, then I screwed her for over half an hour, fucking her sweet tasting c**t and fucking her tight, but oh so wonderful arsehole. Eventually both cumming as I fucked her pussy again and she furiously played with her clit.
    The look on her face when we walked outside was one of pure lust. With her knobhead husband trying to cosy up to the company directors inside, I had his wife sucking on my dick as I face fucked her. She waked back in ten minutes later minus her knickers which I tore off to finger fuck her, and a stomach full of my cum as she swallowed the lot.
    Ever since the Christmas party last year, I been banging my managers wife once or twice a week. She lets me know when he's doing his audits at work, and I take time off (Flexi hours) to visit his home and fuck his wife on his bed.
    And the reason I call him a "Little shit" is his inability to make his wife orgasm from his five inch spindly cock. Now every time he gets all bolshie, I just smile at him and think about how much I'm going to be fucking his wife's pussy and arsehole in his bed next time.

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