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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    About six weeks ago, my wife and I had a huge bust up over money (She loves spending money we don't have). In a rage, I went to stay with an older friend of mine, who used to be a colleague.
    His wife didn't seem too pleased at first, but then when he told her that my parents lived right across the country, and that it would only be for a couple of nights, she strangely cooled off. It helped I thought because she was just about to go on her night shifts (She's in law enforcement), but as you will see it was because of something entirely different.
    The second night I stayed, she kissed her husband goodnight as she was about to leave, and then said to him "Have fun, but make sure you change the bedding afterwards".
    We put on a movie and broke out the beer. Lots of beer later and a change of movie, I saw he'd put on what I at first thought was a hetro porn film. It turned out to be a gay movie and the depiction was of an older daddy type, fucking a younger guy. Asking what he was doing, he told me to watch and to see if I liked it.
    The porn film got more and more sexual until I couldn't hide the fact, I was ultra turned on watching the younger guy getting fucked. Not saying a word, my friend dropped my trousers, and I let him. Then he sucked in my already erect cock and began to give me a blow job. Watching the movie and having my dick sucked just seemed right, it certainly felt right. But what came next heightened everything.
    He stopped sucking me, stood up and removed his clothing. Getting back on the couch with me, he got us into a sixty nine, told me to suck him, then proceeded to not only suck on my cock, but also began to slide a finger up my asshole. Whether it was the drink, the movie, his oral manipulations or everything, I just did as he asked.
    Before long as he was fucking my asshole with two fingers, and I was sucking on his larger cock, hoping there was going to be something I could only imagine in my head. I wanted him to fuck me, but I couldn't ask him.
    Again he stopped sucking on my cock, lifted his head a little and told me we were going to be to fuck. Like a man who just accepted his fate, I removed the rest of my clothing and then nakedly followed him up the stairs.
    Holding his hand out, I took it as he helped me onto his bed. Getting me to kneel up, I first felt him smear some cold fluid on my ass, then felt his hot hard cock pressing into my butt. A few seconds later he was inside my body and slowly starting to thrust into me.
    All the preconceptions I'd ever had about gay sex, were blown away in that first few minutes. Yes there was some pain, and discomfort. But the overwhelming sensation was total and complete pleasure. It was like having your cock sucked all over your body at the same time. I cannot ever remember having such a strong sexual feeling flooding through my body, as when he began to fuck me for real. It was as if my whole body had been asleep sexually before that night. And within minutes I was backing onto him, trying to get his cock deeper into my ass.
    My friend knew right then and there I was his. And didn't he over the next half an hour take advantage of that. Doggy, spoons, reverse cowboy and then finally lay on my back with my legs over his shoulders, he slid his cock so deep up my asshole as we kissed, I came almost straight away, spurting my cum in between us as he continued to kiss and fuck me.
    Yanking my head back and downwards, he told me he was about to cum. As he bit gently into my neck, his cock exploded up my ass and I felt every drop of his beautiful hot cum flood my rear hole.
    We carried on kissing well after hi cock slid out of me and were still kissing when he got a text message. Breaking off he showed me the message. It read "Hope you two are getting to it. Honey I think he'll be a fantastic fuck, have fun x".
    So it appeared his wife knew all along he was going to seduce me, and apparently she didn't mind one bit.
    Waking up with him naked behind me a few hours later, was a little unnerving. But I'd woken in a strange bed with a guys hard cock pressing against my ass. It took a few seconds to register just where I was and why I had a man cock pulsing at my asshole. No sooner than I'd adjusted to what, where and why, his cock slid into me. His arms wrapped around me and then very slowly he began to fuck me again.
    I'm not sure now just how long we fucked, but it was for a long long time. We stayed in that one position with his cock giving me so much pleasure. Reaching around, he began to stroke my cock and in that cocooned position, I was wanked to an awesome climax just before he added to his own cum from earlier.
    When his wife came home from work, I'd already showered and moved into the guest bedroom. She was still in bed when we both rose to have breakfast, and he eventually drove me over to my house.
    My wife and I reconciled our differences over the following week or so, and I put my experience down to stress, loneliness and sexual need. The thing was I couldn't and can't shake the feeling I had about being totally enraptured with him fucking me. So much so, I recently told my wife just how kind they'd both been taking me in, without obviously telling her about the sex. With what I'd said, she's only gone and had me invite them around next weekend.
    In one way I'm glad she has, as it will genuinely give me chance to thank them by cooking them a meal I excel at. But by the same token, I hope, or maybe I don't, I don't know myself, they don't mention anything about our sexual time together. I cannot and don't want to get out of the invite, but am so worried about what might be said.

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    You want him to fuck your sweet ass and spurt into you. God, I'd love to fuck your arsehole. Perhaps if you let him inside of you on a regular basis your secret will be safe. You lucky little anal slut.
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    You want him to fuck your sweet ass and spurt into you. God, I'd love to fuck your arsehole. Perhaps if you let him inside of you on a regular basis your secret will be safe. You lucky little anal slut.
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    So the wife's only concerned with changing the sheets, not HIV or Hep C? Very believable.
    25 days ago

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